Dissecting The Insanity: What Does The Paramount Deal Really Mean?

When the press release was issued stating that Paramount would be supporting HD DVD exclusively, it was a huge shock to the Blu-ray community. What would drive a movie studio to abandon the more widely adopted high definition format, abandoning potentially millions of Blu-ray consumers, for an inferior, under-supported format?

Paramount hasn't been a huge player in the high definition war thus far; they've only managed to produce 33 titles for Blu-ray. In sharp contrast, Fox/MGM has so far released 38 titles (over the course of six months) and has another 29 planned for the remainder of the year. Additionally, Paramount has been the slowest to adopt the latest technology, just recently adding AVC support (with 'Flags of Our Fathers') and almost supporting lossless audio (a PCM track was planned for 'Blades of Glory'). Their releases are solid, but not even close to the presentations delivered by diehard Blu-ray supporters Disney and Sony.

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MK_Red4167d ago

The article has a point. If Universal was only HD-DVD exclusive for the rest of year, it had only two big movies, namely Bourne Ultimatum and Evan Almighty and they were nothing against Blu-ray exclusives of Pirates 3 and Spidey 3. Now its Transformers + Shrek 3 VS Spidey 3 + Pirates 3.
Among smaller movies, Blu has Fantastic 4: ROTSS and Die Hard 4 while other camp has got Bourne and Evan.
"One year life support for HD-DVD"...

ktchong4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

I'm not sure if Knocked Up is worth owning, but it's a surprise hit.

Most of Universal's blockbuster will be coming AFTER summer, actually:

The Kingdom (action flick, FBI investigators trapped in Saudi Arabia, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner, Chris Cooper)

American Gangster (Denzel Washington vs. Russell Crowe, black mafia vs. white mafia, directed by Ridley Scott)

Leatherheads (George Clooney, Renée Zellweger)

Charlie Wilson's War (Tom Hanks, JULIA ROBERTS returns! Just this once this year - you don't think this is gonna be a hit??)

I think there are a couple more with big name actors, but those are the ones that came right off the top of my head. However, all the big guns from Universal are definitely coming. Of course, the Blu-ray group just want to spin it like Universal has nothing or something, you know, damage control.

Xbox 360 Will4167d ago

Those could turn out to be big but those movies aren't even at the theater yet so it'll be a long time before they are released on HD DVD a lot of big Blu-ray releases are this year before Christmas.

MK_Red4167d ago

The_Round_Peg, good movie knowledge and thanks for the reply but I was talking about real summer Blockbuster that no non-summer movie can match. All of those movies combined can't match the sales of Spiderman 3 or Transformers. Also:

1.Knocked Up: While it was a surprise summer hit, Judd's other movie SuperBad had a stronger opening this week and it belongs to Sony.

2.The Kingdom is not a typical action and public awareness of it is relativly low. Non of the latest Jamie Foxx or Jennifer Garner movies have had much success at Box Office.

3.America Gangster: Now this one is big, I can't argue about that but its an R rated drama and not the biggest seller.

4.I don't know much about Leatherheads so I jump to Charlie Wilson. This one might actually be a big hit thanks to Tom Hanks.

Overall, while they are big movies, none of them are in the same mega-selling level of Pirates, Spiderman or Transformers. And Sony, MGM, Disney and Fox all have their own heavy hitters for fall and winter.

ktchong4167d ago

"1.Knocked Up: While it was a surprise summer hit, Judd's other movie SuperBad had a stronger opening this week and it belongs to Sony."

SuperBad is a hit precisely because of Knocked Up. SuperBad is riding the success of Knocked Up.

"3.America Gangster: Now this one is big, I can't argue about that but its an R rated drama and not the biggest seller."

Ridley Scott's Gladiator is rated R as well -- and a big DVD seller. In fact, R-rated movies generally do better in DVD sales than in theaters.

"4. I jump to Charlie Wilson. This one might actually be a big hit thanks to Tom Hanks. "

When's the last time Julie Roberts was in a movie? This is her comeback role after a long break from the business, so I think she will be the draw.

larry0074167d ago

SHREK 1 and 3 are not as big as PIRTAES and SPIDEY

only SHREK 2 was a super hit.

Transformers earned just 660 million.

DA VINCI CODE has earned around 800 million

SPIDEY 1,2,3, are all over 800 million

Casino royale has earned over 600 million

PIRATES 1,2,3 have earned over 900 million

LION KING has earned around 900 million too (BY DISNEY)

HD DVD is non-existent in EU and JAPAN and in NA it is being outsold by a margin of 3:1 at the moment

there is no way HD DVD would even remain in the market fighting against SPIDEY,OO7 series spearheaded by CASINO ROYALE,DISNEY MEGA HITS grossing over 700 millions,PIRATES 1,2,3 grossing over 900 m.

This decision would have 0 impact

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Bloodmask4167d ago

who would have figured would bash HDDVD. What do you expect them to say. We lost Paramount and that is horrible. Just another PR twist.

HDDVD players will be cheap this Christmas. Consumers will speak with their wallets.

Xbox 360 Will4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

* Blu-ray titles have consistently outsold HD DVD by a ratio of two to one since January of this year. Consumer preferences for BD have been especially clear with day-and-date releases on both formats like The Departed and 300.

* Blu-ray has sold 1.6 million discs so far this calendar year, whereas HD DVD has sold 795K.

* In June, Blockbuster decided to support only Blu-ray discs at the vast majority (85%) of its retail stores due to actual consumer rental patterns that showed a clear preference for BD.

* In July, Target announced their plan to sell only a Blu-ray set-top player in retail stores, and not sell any HD DVD set top models through this holiday season.

* Also in July, BJ's Wholesale Club, a significant retailer in the Northeast region, has decided to sell only Blu-ray products.

* The price delta between HD DVD and Blu-ray players has been greatly reduced in the past few months, a trend that is on its way to eliminate any perceived cost advantage the HD DVD format has claimed to have. Sony also lowered the price of the PS3 console to $499, resulting in a Sony-claimed 135% increase in sales.

* Major blockbuster titles have been announced by Disney and Sony Pictures, including Disney/Pixar's Cars, Ratatouille and Finding Nemo, Pirates 3, Spiderman 1, 2 and 3. These should have a very significant impact on consumer adoption of Blu-ray.

* It took 10 months for Blu-ray to achieve 1 million disc sales, but only 3 months to achieve 2 million. Market momentum is clearly accelerating.

And don't forget about FOX ramping up their release which will be 29 titles for the rest of 2007.

ENNO4167d ago

that is all america...what about europe....i live in Ireland(if you ever insult Ireland again the mart i will slit your throat for you!)and blockbuster is non existent over here,xtravision is the big one...when i had the hd dvd add on i could only BUY hd dvd from big name shops like HMV or verigin mega store for 35 or 40 i have a ps3 i can rent blu-ray from xtravision wich i could never do with blu-ray....i also did an article on bd and hd dvd in europe...blu ray is gonna win!!

jaehyt4167d ago

No kidding, who would have thought that they would bash HD-DVD? How classy is it for them to refer that article to refer to HD-DVD as the "inferior" platform at least twice. You know what, I don't think the fact that someday HD-DVD Mmight" have to use a second disc for bonus materials makes it inferior...outside of the storage capacity, Blu-Ray has nothing to talk smack about. And you're damn right this announcement stings like a biatch...spin it all you want, this was HUGE!!!

Bathyj4167d ago

They will only see money from me for DVD rentals rather than BR purchase.

the_round_peg4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

All the Blu-ray business from all Sony fangirls combined do not make up $150 million.

Bathyj4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

I didnt say it was. I'm saying what the deal means to me.

But since you bought it up I am part of a group that probably buys more HD movies than any other demographic. PS3 owners. And I do like to spend.

Genki4167d ago

Why not pocket an easy 150 million right now while the HD market represents less than 1% of the overall market, then capitalize and go multi once the deal is up and there's inevitably more penetration.

It's not a bad idea IMO. Even if HD-DVD were to somehow die tomorrow, Paramount would still have 150, and I can't imagine they wouldn't make the move to Blu-Ray if that were to happen.

Those of us with PS3's and standalone Blu-Ray players will just have to wait patiently, but I think it's safe to say that this isn't permanent, madness or not...HD-DVD peeps, enjoy. I know I want Transformers in HD, that movie was awesome.

gEnKiE4167d ago

I listened to the ign podcast and one of the members was stating that he used to work for paramount and he said that they are always the slowest ones in the business to do anything tech wise.

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