BioShock: Xbox 360 Vs. PC DirectX10 Video Comparison from GT

Either way the waters pretty, but is the DX10 machine worth it? You be the judge.

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MK_Red4167d ago

Well, its really not DX10 worthy but the game still looks stunning and if you have a PC that can run the game, you'd be mad if you don't buy this game. I chose the 360 version because my computer is rather pre-historic.

JsonHenry4167d ago

I have the demo on my 360 as well as on my PC. I CAN run this game at 1680*1050 on my PC. I turn both games on, and hit a button on my monitor to switch instantly between the two systems and the PC version looks stunningly better at that resolution.

Now, when I set the monitor to run close to the same resolution as the 360 (1024*768) and switch between the two? The PC version BARELY looks better. The only reason it seems to look better is added AA and seems like the textures are still running at a higher resolution.

But in the end the 360 version is pretty darn impressive compared the the PC version running close to the same resolution.

Mikey_Gee4166d ago

I run my 360 to my 61" 1080p HDTV's VGA port set at 1920x1080 and it runs smooth as silk and looks fan-fn-tastic.

Will have to look on the back of the box to see if 1080p is listed for HDMI Elite folks, but I know my VGA output is set to 1920x1080

FirstknighT4167d ago

Wow I'm pretty impressed that the 360 is exactly like the high end pc version. Most PC users still have the p4 processor so they won't be able to play at the same level as the 360.

Thugbot1874166d ago

It's not all about the Processor, there are other factors. A person with the right harddrives, memory and video card will be able to play this if they own a P4. Not to say depending on the setup a person running a P4 my run the game better than a person with core 2 duo.

THC CELL4167d ago

Get a room
i stamped on mine

Auron4166d ago

but whatever. some people.....

bung tickler4167d ago

it still causes my jaw to drop when i play this, i like it more than gears in terms of graphics/art direction. much better. best game yet for my 360... till mass effect that is...

InMyOpinion4167d ago

The biggest difference I could spot was that they did'nt have the same brightness level on the 360, which is adjustable.

JsonHenry4167d ago

The PC version is adjustable too.

As well as options like 8x AA and higher NATIVE resolutions.

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The story is too old to be commented.