Harrison: The 360-to-PS3 Port Trend Will 'Reverse Fairly Quickly'

Today GameDaily presents you with their full exclusive interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Phil Harrison, who discusses the impact of the PS3 price drop, the PSP redesign, reversing the trend of porting from 360 to PS3, user generated content in Echo Chrome and much more.

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s8anicslayer4844d ago

i thought the ps3 version of cod4 looked better on the ps3. until sony can take away lead platform from ms the 360-ps3 port will never change!

SWORDF1SH4843d ago

harrison must be gettin some inside info somwhere coz harrison doesnt have a habbit of just throwin around rumours for the sake of it. i love the way harrison put the guy right on psp. freakin great. you gotta love him coz he's one of the good guys in this industry. and im not sayin that because he's from sony because theres a few people from sony that talk a little bs. harrison is jus honest.

marinelife94843d ago

Phil is smooth and classy. I like the way he diverted the question and wouldn't comment on Microsoft having problems with the 360.

theaceh4843d ago

I agree with you man. This guy really has class. The interviewer was looking for a controversial response, but Phil refused to give him what he wanted. He handled that question the Sun Tzu (Art of war) way.

bung tickler4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

umm, i doubt it... i mean why would it? cuz sony says so? it's a simple matter of install base M$ has it and sony doesn't... ain't gonna change in the next year, and it might not ever change this gen... who knows, but if it does it won't be soon.

kingofps34844d ago Show
Clinton5144844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

It won't? Who knows? Which one is it doc?

You might as well edit your post because you seem to be the one functioning at a grade two level.

Panthers4844d ago

Sony could very well take the lead in the coming year. The games coming out in the next year are just incredible. I cant wait for foking socom.

bung tickler4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

@Clinton514, 'it wont' as in it wont any time soon, and 'who knows' as in who knows if it will ever change. it might, it might not. hope that clarifies things for you.

Also i'm just curious, do you have like a second grade comprehension level? Cuz for a first grader that's pretty good... you are like 7 right?

THE_JUDGE4843d ago

it will. If anyone hasn't noticed the PS3 is selling pretty well all over the world and the 360 is doing good in the US. It only a matter of time before the PS3 catches up and passes the 360 and the devs will follow. I'm not saying its for the best but it will happen.

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Bloodmask4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

with the highest install base is the lead platform. It was the PS2 last gen. It will be the 360 this generation.

Why would developers spend more resources on the PS3 version which has the lowest install base which in turn will see the least profit??

It is basic economics.

Clinton5144844d ago

Who are you talking to? You're always quick to call out names and make absolutely out of the blue references to who knows what. :|

MarioFromTexas4844d ago

I think now that sony is sharing their developer tools, we will start to see the PS3 difference. The reason the 360 is the lead platform is because it's been out almost 2 years, it makes sense. I think now that developers see the PS3 power you will start seeing better games coming to the PS3. All you have to do is look at Killzone2 to see what can be accomplish on PS3.

nix4843d ago

what do i see? Wii the new console leader... wow now that's going to change everything isn't it, by your own theory.

at least on the bright side we'll getter better port than Wii! q:

Madmax12819804843d ago

Well Look At gears of war halo3 bioshock pgr4 and everything else coming out for the 360 and see what the xbox 360 can accomplish!

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Ri0tSquad4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

Im not even gonna bother with this one. Lol but he had to say something positive I mean really was he suppose to just say 360 is always superior yeah right of course hes going to say something positive about the ps3 ports.

Zhuk4844d ago

lets take what a Sony corporate shill says as fact.

bung tickler4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

yes, that would be the smart thing. cuz you know as sonys dev tools get better microsofts will be at a standstill, infact they will probably get worse. that is the only logical thing to assume here.

Zhuk4844d ago

spot on my friend, have a bubble

bung tickler4844d ago (Edited 4844d ago )

yep. didn't you get the memo? he won cuz he got them sweet rocket shoes. they were rendered in 4d. stupid turtle didn't have a chance.

InMyOpinion4843d ago (Edited 4843d ago )

Sony representatives always tell the truth.
Massive damage! All games in 1080p. 4D. 200 fps...

tplarkin74843d ago

...& gives...Promises! We have a ton of wondeful promises that exceed our imagination! For $600, you get more promises than you can count!

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