Lens of Truth - Head2Head: FIFA 11 DEMO Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "Well this is an oddity for us, and another brief Head2Head Screenshot Comparison for you (while we all wait for our Dead Rising 2 Analysis of course). In this Head2Head we bring you the FIFA 11 Demo by EA Sports. Believe it or not this is our first sports title, but from now on we will try to bring you, at least the demos of each new sports title released. From the beginning of LoT, our thought has been that every sports game would perform the same on both consoles. Check below to see if our assumption is correct or, if one of these FIFA’s “kick” the other to the curb. "

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Sea_Man3043d ago

OMG the audience looks like [email protected]* on the PS3.

imvix3043d ago

Only until we dont see the PC version.

ProjectVulcan3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

The difference is more noticeable here for sure than actually playing the game. Mainly because the still shots are heavily zoomed in. You can see the original shot in the bottom corner and see how far in they are zoomed to bring out the difference? On a big screen 1080p HDTV where you are already scaling the frame, doubling it up and losing detail you would be hard pressed to see the difference between them.

I'm tempted to go for the Pc version this year, but you would be lucky to tell the console versions apart when in motion, be nigh on impossible.

My shot from the PC version as reference:

MrJack3043d ago Show
Snakefist303043d ago

Doesnt Matter which version is better.Im gonna buy the PS3 version.

number473042d ago

We've come a long way, but uh saying a crowd is the reason to buy a game is somewhat sad. PS3 games used to perform terribly compared to its counterparts, but those days are over.

These comparisons are silly, as you buy the game now with which friends you're playing with. Pretending crowds or grass is a reason to buy a game makes little to no sense, considering the same people balking about how they will buy the 360 version due to minuscule differences, can't seem to see the reason to buy PS3 exclusives with visuals that are beyond anything that exists in the world of consoles. The logic is that the minuscule differences = 360 hardware prowess, but it never seems to swing the other way.

I feel dirty for commenting on flamebait.

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paintsville3043d ago

It's close but ps3 has a blurry look to the entire scene in most of those and the 360 appears to have much more detailed textures. EA will probably have it improved before release but at this stage 360 has the edge. Just my opinion based on the screenshots provided.
I have to say that this article is major flamebait.

Joe Bomb3043d ago

Exactly. The full version comes out in a week or so, hopefully EA cleared up the PS3 version.

RudeSole Devil3043d ago

Demos are pretty much final.

Soul Train3043d ago

Well maybe if you were planning on buying this game for $60.00 paintsville you wouldn't consider it "flamebait".

RudeSole Devil3043d ago

Sometime the truth hurts doesn't it.

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sayonara893043d ago

Textures are the same, dev is using QAA on PS3 and MSAA on 360, that's why PS3 version is blurier but aliasing is less noticable.

MSAA costs less on PS3 hardvare than QAA, why devs are using this blurring technique is just beyond me.

3043d ago
sayonara893043d ago

buying1999: Nope, QAA is RSX based, just like MSAA (orginal Xbox had QAA option too - NV GPU)

120FPS3043d ago

If you call that close i would love to see your version of miles apart

Damn i aint seen an ownage that bad since bayonetta

CernaML3043d ago

Uh huh. Except both versions run at a rock solid 60FPS and look good on both consoles. Haven't seen such rabid fanboyism since... oh wait delusional bias happens all the time.

divideby03042d ago

^ you are totally confusing developer incompetence with ownage...
I can guess you only own a 360, with such a stupid comment

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RudeSole Devil3043d ago

What happened FIFA 10 looked closer than this. EA is so inconsistent. EA release Crysis 2 already.

Shogun Master3043d ago

If they don't fix this it will be an easy win for the 360 when the final game gets released.

sayonara893043d ago

Textures are the same, it's just QAA blurring.

Sea_Man3043d ago (Edited 3043d ago )

QAA, or whatever, still looks bad.

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