Secret footage of nDreams' next big project in PlayStation Home

This handheld footage was taken of the new nDreams project launching in the near future in PlayStation Home.

What does it mean? All we know is the word "Aurora" and that's it will be available in America and Europe in the near future.

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Redempteur2947d ago

awesome .. i hope they 'll be able to make something as good as XI because XI was an awesome event

rockleex2947d ago

But I just wasn't able to participate every day.

Hopefully they extend the time between each deadline this time so more people get a chance to experience the full thing.

fucadastates2947d ago

hell yir xi was awsome! hoping for another great thing from nDream

cubehouse2947d ago

Apparently it will be a "global" space, which I think means that people from other regions may be able to hang out together in this space (like the Feva Arena during the world cup).

Shall have to wait and see for more details, looks really nice, love the style!

ActionBastard2947d ago

Uh-oh. Looks like I'll be reinstalling Home. XI was a blast and this having a global space sounds awesome.

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