Sony Wants Your Broken PlayStations

Sony wants its stuff back – but only if you're done with it. Sony Electronics announced a new national recycling program for consumer electronics, called the Sony Take Back Recycling Program, which allows consumers to recycle all Sony-branded products for no fee at 75 Waste Management (WM) Recycle America eCycling drop-off centers throughout the U.S (PDF).

The program also allows consumers to recycle other manufacturers' consumer electronics products at market prices, and may include a recycling fee for some types of materials.

The program, which begins on September 15, was developed in collaboration with WM Recycle America, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc.

As the Sony Take Back Recycling program expands, the number of eCycling drop-off centers will increase to at least 150 sites within a year, with at least one location in every state through a combination of WM Recycle America locales and WM external service partners. Sony and WM Recycle America are also working towards the goal of having enough drop-off locations in all 50 states so there is a recycling center within 20 miles of 95 percent of the U.S. population.

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NextGen24Gamer4168d ago

Its for a good cause...what the heck...their broke. LOL

And I'm not joking...I seriously have 2 broken ps2's. I do have one working one. But it might not work with all the dust collected in the vents...Maybe I should check. I commend Sony for such a program.

stunt2134168d ago

lol im not trying to start a war here but its just funny when i think if microsoft wants your broken xbox lol they would get tons of 360s or about 30% of their 360.

NextGen24Gamer4168d ago

Thats funny...only thing is MS has a 3 year warranty...So every 360 ever purchased is covered for a long long time. Not the case with my broken Ps2's...but its good that sony is accepting them back for a good cause.

Lord Anubis4168d ago

You mean those that buy a 360 today are covered for a long time. Not those that bought it at launch because they have a year left.

synetic4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

lol only a xbox 360 fanboy to have 2 ps2 broken ... hey i have 500 xbox 360 , 500 ps3 and 500 wii broken DAMM i am a pc fanboy .. well at least i will be playing the most advanced fps ever made -> CRYSIS <-and you guys ??

xbox 360 fanboys -> Halo 2 <- ( halo 1 2001, halo 1.5 2004, halo 2 2007 )

ps3 fanboys -> Killzone CGI (Computer-generated imagery) <-

Wii fanboys -> Metroid Prime 2.5 : Corruption <- ( Metroid Prime 2 : Echoes GameCube , Metroid Prime 2.5 : Corrruption Wii

lol its just a joke .. i used the best fps of the 3 consoles to made this joke ... hope you all understand the jokes >__>

WilliamRLBaker4167d ago

lets hope you can run crysis..probly wont be able too. and 6 months after thats released? oh my god another...THE MOST ADVANCD FPS EVER comes out...

crysis is nothing special in the computer world, and thats a fact.
P.S: halo, and metroid prime both kill crysis.

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heavymetal3k4168d ago

Wow this is a few weeks old.

ALIEN4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

My PS2 is working very well, n my PS3 is flying around the house, so that means my PS3 has enough power till PS4 comes out.

plastixblue4168d ago (Edited 4168d ago )

If I still had my two broken Fat ones I would gladly give them back. Both suffered from screwed up Disk Drives aka Sony's version of the RROD. My slim is still rocking even though my wife's marathon FF playing. And when my PS3 goes down when my kid gets it when the PS4 comes out I'll send it back to them.

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