Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero III - World Title Fight

This Gameplayer article treats these two games as heavyweight fighters preparing to do battle for the World Title in this Christmas season's charts. It runs through the feature lists and includes hands-on experience with the games.

"In the blue corner we have the plucky newcomer Rock 'The Drummer' Band, led by veteran trainer Harmonix and with more signature moves than any other fighter in its class this competitor has the talent, the enthusiasm and the momentum to make a bold bid for the belt. In the red corner is the veteran Guitar 'The Riffinator' Hero, a dual world champion training under rookie Neversoft. Its experience is undeniable, its popularity unquestionable, but has this veteran got the energy and support to hold onto its prized position at the pinnacle of the music/lifestyle genre?"

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blusoops4167d ago

Personally, I think GH-3 will do better for 2 reasons:
1. PS2
2. Wii

Rockband will only be on 360 or PS3, so logically GH-3 will have more sales. However, I'm getting rockband, I can't wait to try out those drums!

sa_nick4167d ago

GH3 more sale

RB better game

Simple as that.

macalatus4167d ago

I could see GH and RB forming their own rival fanboy groups., better brace for a new set of fanboys flaming each other in your site!

s8anicslayer4167d ago

and due to popular demand gh shall be the victor

SlappingOysters4167d ago

I think you're right. Brand Power is so strong with GH, and your average Joe Blow doesn't know who Harmonix is... or care. Plus the Wii and PS2 markets are perfect for this game. The 'champ' will hold his title.

daveman34167d ago

i'll be getting the game with the better songs, if they're about even i'll go with GH3 due to price and experience

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