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jiggajayp5395d ago

I voted this story to be lame for the ps3 because this game isn`t gonna be on the ps3 and that`s fact so stop posting it as a ps3 game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only on xbox, ps2 and XBOX 360!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE TRUTH5395d ago

lol you ignorance is stunning, seriously it's comming out for all systems. Fanboys really do suck! If you don't like the ps3, fine that's your opinion but don't shoot the messanger for bringing you the news!

WaCkY_MuNkY5395d ago (Edited 5395d ago )

i agree keep your *Fanboy* opinions to yourself. This really does look like a good game even though i dont like basketball games.

jiggajayp5394d ago

uhhh, first off, I`m not a fanboy of any system!!! I just like the xbox better than the ps2/ps3 cuz of all the lies sony has been pulling off for soooooooooo long! I have a ps2. Actually I had 4 due to disk read error! And second, this game(NBA 2K7) is not coming to the ps3 and that`s a fact jack!!! Go and look on their website yourself big mouth and you will see it ain`t coming to that overhyped/overpriced system!! I`getting a ps3 when the price drops to $399 for the premium buddy! Only so I can play Tekken!! That`s the only reason i own a ps2 for!!!

jiggajayp5394d ago There`s your link for you to enjoy for your lies! It`s not coming to the ps3 until NBA 2K8 buddy!!! Now put thaT in your pipe and smoke it!!!

jiggajayp5394d ago

I`m tired of people like you the ps3 fanboyz who try to pass off XBOX 360 screens and gameplay for ps3 media! But I thought XBOX 360 was XBOX 1.5?????

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