In-game WOW plague sparks real-world medical study

Boasting a population greater than most real-world cities, Blizzard Entertainment's World of Warcraft crams its 9-million-plus population into a comparatively tiny space. Granted, those massive numbers are dispersed over a sizable number of independently operating realms, but at any given time, hundreds of players can commingle or ply their wares in the game's densely packed cities. And with gnomes and trolls roaming the halls of the relatively few cities for each respective faction, it was only a matter of time before unsanitary living conditions arose.

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sumfood4u4167d ago

WOW also damages marriages, an peoples lives!

Azurite4167d ago (Edited 4166d ago )

It also let people meet each other and better some peoples' lives.
There's always two sides of a coin.

Rooftrellen4166d ago

This is much more interesting than a format war.

I think some real research could be done this way, considering you have a large group, and a huge variety of people play WoW, making it a very random group.

I hope Blizzard goes along with a few studies, with diseases being spread different ways, restricting contract sometimes and not others, different latency periods, and different levels of damage.

Sure, its just a game and that would have to be taken into account, but I think it could provide us with some real results.