Jeff Minter goes pyscho-delic.

Yesterday it was reported that Official Xbox Magazine UK have reviewed Space Giraffes and given it 2/10 in their October issue. Today Programmer Jeff Minter launches into verbal tirade against the reviewer and accuses him of not playing the game correctly.

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DrPirate4076d ago

People who pour their blood and sweat into a game and have it dissed non-chalantely and for invalid reasons have the duty and responsibility to stand up for themselves and their work.

Go at those reviewers who don't understand sh*t. Let them have it. IGN and Gamespot all take 2 weeks to review a game. They spend as much time as possible with it and their reviews (although sometimes disagreed with, are usually (not always, ahem, Perfect Dark Zero....) spot on.

Evoluti0n4076d ago

and who the F*** is anyways? I'm going to buy it, just because this guy worked so hard on it.

WafflesID4076d ago

This chowder clown on playthree is a moron. it wasn't even JEFF who brought up the reviewer's inability to grasp the concept of the game.

This is retarded. Bloggers. PFFT.