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"Engaging storyline with many more missions than the original game. Combo weapons kept us thinking for hours about new and unusual ways to kill zombies."


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pinkyxyz3222d ago (Edited 3222d ago )

i always felt like this game was GTA in a mall.

OGharryjoysticks3222d ago

comes out next's called Yakuza of the end

jc485733222d ago

oh yea...and also a bit of Left 4 Dead.

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showtimefolks3222d ago

in the 1st game i hope there is more freedom story wise last time it was 36hrs but from what i understand this teh same which means a rent or down the road bargin bin

ThanatosDMC3222d ago

You have a choice to do them or not just like the first. Also, lots of endings.

showtimefolks3222d ago

what happends does the story just end there after time limit

or can i just play freely and than when i am ready to move on i can start playing the story

ThanatosDMC3221d ago

If it's like DR1 there's an alternate ending if you dont care jack crap about anything. They'll more likely to send in the military to kill everybody and/or the place will have a ton of psychos just like those green mask yellow jacketed freaks in DR1.

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