FIFA 08: Exclusive Skill Moves Trailer

With these helpful Skill Moves at your disposal, you'll be kicking your way to the top in no time.

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ALI-G4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

@30fps in PORTstation 3 ?

@below :this was ps2 controler not ps3 since you have to TITLE ps3 controler to preform the Skill Moves

SmokeyMcBear4103d ago

did you watch the video... did you see the controller they were using... ah ALI.. you are much better as borat

SmokeyMcBear4103d ago

yeah that was pretty badass.. i gotta look into this game.. im pretty sure its gonna be running crappy on the ps3, but we'll see.

Komrad4103d ago

Daaamn! thats pretty awesome... is that 30fps? haaha ok no more...

Tone4103d ago

Fifa doesnt do anything for me anymore, i dont see the justification on buying this game year in year out and all it offers is a tweak here and there and slightly better graphics..

I think Pro Evo plays better than fifa any day.. just my opinion :)

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The story is too old to be commented.