Missing the Boat - Server Shutdowns

BitPunch writes - APB recently shut down after its servers were only online for a couple of months. With the short life span of many online games, it's becoming far too easy for gamers to "miss the boat." Once gone, these games can never be played again.

With similar shutdowns of the servers for Halo 2 and a fistful of EA titles, many of our favorite games are simply going too soon.

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mau643604d ago

This isn't a surprise.

rogue06743603d ago

Wow yeah, I think it would have to be up to the users to contribute to a user owned server. Like FUG on TF2. $$ though.

SD26003603d ago

Seems like a lot of great games are coming and going, or dying out. If only more people knew about some of the titles out there - better marketing, perhaps?

StitchJones3601d ago

There should be community support or dedicated servers or host server abilities for some of these game to continue life down the road. Does anyone remember the game Shogo? Well let's say 10 to 20 of you folks out there remember that game, and suddenly want to pop online and play it. You install it, you look for whatever the newest patch is, and then you pop online and create a room, MAYBE you'll get some folks to play with you.
As for console games, the whole 'server' thing is stupid. You should be able to connect and play any game that has MP. IDIOTS who pay for XBL should have that ability to play every game that is XBL MP aware. Not just titles that are 'current'.