GC 2007: Haze Preview

Normally when you get four people in a room armed with guns and stuffed to the eyeballs with mind-altering substances, it's a recipe for disaster. However, if those people are blasting through Haze and the drug in question is the mysterious Nectar, then it's more a recipe for intense four-player co-op action. Of course, while IGN already knew that co-op is a massive part of Free Radical's upcoming futuristic shooter, they finally managed to get our trigger fingers twitching for real, with an exclusive hands-on with Haze's multiplayer.

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fopums4441d ago

Sweet! I was trying to help get this posted, but screwed it up due to my noobish nature :D

Anyhow, I really hope we get a demo soon, Im aching to play Haze

xaphanze4441d ago

seems like IGN are liking it

im loving the co-op mode.

fopums4441d ago

Yeah they sound impressed, and Im glad they dont think the nectar aspect is a gimmick, hopefully that argument goes away....

still november is a ways away

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The story is too old to be commented.