Too Human trilogy may conclude on NEXT next-gen console

Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack was just keeping it real when he confessed to IGN that the Too Human trilogy might drag on past the Xbox 360's life cycle. Ya think? The ongoing legal drama with Epic is just the latest hiccup in what's close to a decade-long project. (Silicon Knights began development in 1999 and first previewed Too Human, originally a 5-disc PlayStation game, at E3 in 2000.) But if Dyack's prediction comes true, if there is only one 'next next-gen' console, then at least future Too Human sequels will not be slowed by platform transitions.

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power of Green 4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

People thought a game thats taking 3 years to develope will some how have all three games in one generation?.


Whats your point?, I can think of 10 games that release game after game in one generation are you trying to make this seem like a dooms day issue?.

lol Depends on the game and the quality, the genre and hundreds of other things. I don't care of those games you're talking about never heard of them.

Don't come back here talking sh*t when Bioware decides to put the last Mass Effect on the 720 either.

LeShin4075d ago

errr....didn't Final Fantasy 7, 8 AND 9 come out in one generation? Yeah it isn't a trilogy but the where in development a long time.

In fact...

Xenosaga 1,2 and 3 came out in one generation, which also had a long development time. There's a trilogy for you.

ALI-G4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

back to basic:how come nokia introducing 20 phones a year while motrola will introduce 5.
what about halo/killzone/unreal/MGS

in the end it will come to production aim /quality/ number of developed/resources.....
but since the beginning this game was going to be released in 5 disc in 2000 in playstation!!!!!!! 5 discs, then the game puased ,brought back by MS $$$$$$$$$$$
this game is either going to be the game that will match hollywood movie standards or could be the biggest laugh in the history of gaming...we will have to wait and see

LeShin4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

@Power of Green
EDIT: You sir are an idiot and I pity your parents, relatives and friends. What's my point? Your first sentence seemed very defensive (has this guy got stocks & shares in MS AND Bioware or something?!!!) implying that there were people who thought that a game that takes 3 years to develop cannot have all it's games within a trilogy come out in one generation. I simply stated that you are wrong with that statement and gave examples. No-one was attacking your precious "Too-Human"

"Don't come back here talking sh*t when Bioware decides to put the last Mass Effect on the 720 either."

Where the hell did that come from?? Who was talking sh*t? Who was talking about Mass Effect. Tell me, were you just born retarded or did it just come naturally? People like you just bring this site down as your constantly attacking people about their opinions and calling them "fanboys" when you're clearly one of the biggest I've witnessed.

power of Green 4075d ago

I wish we can get the real announcment not this moronic babble from the link.

DeadlyFire4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

They are just saying that Too Human Part 3 will be on Xbox 3/460/720 or whatever its called.

2-3 years for first part with a 2008 release and 2-3 years for second part for a 2010-2011 release. It only makes sense for the third one to be released on the next Xbox on 2013-2014.

Its too early for Silicon Knights to say its gonna be on the next generation just yet when their first one hasn't been released yet.

Dlacy13g4075d ago

Is I have pretty high hopes for this game...and I hope they can deliver. Time will tell I guess.

ktchong4075d ago

and it's still not out yet, I'd say the trilogy will conclude in another 30-40 years.

ShiftyLookingCow4075d ago

yeah we will be on news4hardcoregrandpagamers

marionz4075d ago

i give up on this game, the devs obviously have no idea what whey are doing
all these long years and the game still looks average, the game play could suck balls for all we know, how funny it would be if nobody bought this game!
games like timeshift have caught my attention over this game because timeshift looked like crap, so they made it better and now it looks awesome, and it didnt take a lifetime
if i want to be around to see the final part of too human i better get started with my robot upgrades

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