Treyarch sticks up for Medal of Honor

Treyarch boss, Mark Laima has stuck up for EA's Medal of Honor over its controversial inclusion of playable Taliban soldiers.

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Rrobba4991d ago

Nice to see developers, even ones going head to head, unite and fight together. Well done Treyarch.

dangert124991d ago

for real i mean the gaming industry is so hostile its unbelieve all the way from publisher devs and even the gamers/fanyboys

those parents who thought gaming was a kiddy thing would defo change there mind if they seen it at the level we do

gallospqra4991d ago

I haven't seen a single quote on MOH. they just talked about what they do and what their story is. It's just an opportunity to bring up the name of Black Ops in a MOH contest.

paintsville4991d ago

I'm really curious about this game. Passing from one developer to another doesn't always bode well for a intellectual property. We may well be see a foreshadowing of things to come with Halo and 343 studios.

dangert124991d ago (Edited 4991d ago )

Edit double post waste off a bubble =(

Tapey4991d ago

Treyarch generally seem like a bunch of nice people and a very down to earth development team, even though they've generally been shat on by people for not being Infinity Ward. It's a shame too, I remember at one point even Infinity Ward themselves were being very rude and insulting towards Treyarch as well.

I hope they do well, especially since IW nearly murdered the COD franchise with how bad Modern Warfare 2 was, and now it's down to Treyarch to attempt to pick up the pieces and try to save the franchise. Black Ops is looking pretty decent, as is Medal of Honor.

dangert124991d ago

bubbles this is soo true

socomnick4991d ago

You think mw2 was bad lol cod3 and waw were far worse.

CernaML4991d ago

Don't think anybody really cared about Call of Duty when 3 was released. And I thought WaW was better than MW1. Well, the multiplayer was at least.

NarooN4991d ago

CoD3 and WaW were way better than MW2. If you think MW2 is good, then you're nothing but an explosive-whoring, commando-riding, camping scrub. MW2 holds your hand more than any FPS I've ever played, ever.

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xYLeinen4991d ago

A very good move Treyarch. IMO Treyarch is shaping out to be a very good studio and I think their fan base will grow a lot with the upcoming Black Ops.

na-no-nai4991d ago

way to go to stick up for your fellow devs

vhero4991d ago

Its not like COD ain't been controversial is it? Especially with the mall level from the last game.

Brixxer6004991d ago

Good stuff

People should remember that you can also be on the team that are shooting the Taliban , some people might enjoy that even more.

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