TheGameFanatics: Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Impressions

Travis of TGF:

"Enslaved: Odyssey to the West is one of those games that people will most likely tend to avoid. Why you ask this? Simple. It isn’t a sequel or part of a whole franchise. I am here to tell you that you are wrong, and you may regret. As one of those who got their hands on the demo back at E3, there was a lot of doubt in this game. As with everything else I do, I was usually wrong."

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danmachine2951d ago

a couple of weeks ago.

i didnt enjoy it, i thought it was a tad boring.

disclaimer: the above text is the impressions of danmachine and danmachine only.

despair2951d ago

ahahaha guess you need that disclaimer for N4G these days. But I found it kinda enjoyable even though the platforming bits were not as good as I hoped( blame UC2 for ruining the rest).

ico922951d ago

based on my impressions on the demo it feels like a weird cross between Uncharted/God of War and Ico, i don't know if that's a good or bad thing

CimmerianDrake2951d ago

The movement controls seemed very stiff, and what little there was of battles were just button mashing repetitiveness.

Still, it's ok I guess.

fuckitimout2951d ago

but please get rid of that stupid ass hairstyle of the protaganist. For fuck sakes, he looks 37 which is too old to be trying to rock a fad hairstylye. Hell, the hairstyle is ugly period

dirthurts2951d ago

Very good actually.
The girl in the game ticks me off though. What a B!#*h.

RayRay362951d ago

Yeah she is a bit*h.

It reminds me of a mix between Uncharted and God of War. I was suprisingly impressed. What I didnt like is the robots. Kinda generic.

CimmerianDrake2951d ago

As soon as she got that headband off, that's when I'd tear her head off. Or, be like "b1tch you can kill me if you want to, but you'll just end up dead on your way home by yourself. so you either take this thing off me and beg for my help, or kill me and end up dying yourself."

creamydingle2951d ago

I was looking forward to this game but after the demo what a disappointment I won't be buying. I'll rent when I am really bored and got nothing else good to play. The girl was a b!#*h the controls and the way the guy moves needs lots of work and the graphics are horrible, the story just seemed crap. Yes I Know its a demo and things can improve but I don't think they will. I truly am so disappointed it look like it could be awesome but looks can be deceiving.

CimmerianDrake2951d ago

Agree with you. The controls are just horrible. And yeah, she is a b1tch.

fuckitimout2951d ago

and the controls are fine if you have common sense. Some gamers gotta say every game sucks because that's just who they are. Unappreciative. Cmon, how could you all say this game isn't good? Gtfo

CimmerianDrake2951d ago

What the hell does that have to do with poor controls? The camera was horrible, the running was, like silly below me said, floaty at the best of times. Common sense has nothing to do with bad controls. How can you say the game is good when, at most, all you played was a demo? Please. STFU

Silly Mammo2951d ago

Monkey's running did seem a bit "floaty" to me as well.

Rrobba2951d ago

The trailers looked good, but the demo wasn't really.

StitchJones2951d ago

Short game, not going to pay 60$ for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.