"Why Do We Play Games?"

Here is you chance to participate in a survey to help Researchers at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands find out why we play video games.Read full story and find out how to participate.

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ALIEN4167d ago

Because in games you can do things that in reallife you can't.

ALI-G4167d ago

-listen to music
-go out in saturday nights
-hang out
-watch tv
-talk to my GirlFrind, hell even for the same reason i **** HER

damnwrx4167d ago

To Keep our minds intact, way of entairtainment.

BloodySinner4167d ago

Because I love playing and it's my damn hobby.

jay34167d ago

Because it's fun.

I deem this "Stupidest Article Ever"

beans4167d ago

I play games to get away from reality and take a break from life and it's many hassles!

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The story is too old to be commented.