Analyst says first party games making the difference in the Console War

In his NPD preview for July game sales, Pacific Crest Securities analyst Evan Wilson looked back as well as forward. In tallying up the industry-tracking NPD Group's sales figures for the first half of 2007, Wilson noticed that first-party game sales are making up an increasingly larger part of the industry.

Wilson found that games published by Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo represented more than 30 percent of total game sales revenue for the six-month period. He then compared it to the first six months of last year and the first six months of 2002 (like 2007, 2002 was the first full year after a transition to a new console generation). The analyst found that in each of those half-years, first-party game sales made up less than 20 percent of total game sales revenue.

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EDF 20174167d ago

Those are my two picks.

alexander22rednaxela4167d ago

Don`t forget MS exclusive Gangsta-free-roaming MMOG APB by realtime worlds.

NextGen24Gamer4167d ago

Its the reason I purchased the 360, the Ps3, and the Wii...

Those first party games.....

Granted not everyone can afford that....But it most definately was the reason for me.

Ps3....Lair and Heavenly Sword

360.....Halo 3 and Mass Effect

Wii....Zelda and Metroid...

I know there is more than that...But when I first purchased those consoles....Those were the games I was thinking of....

The 360 having superior 3rd party support is a perk for 360 only gamers....

And Ps3 fans have a right to be upset. If I had only bought the Ps3 and had to continually see and hear that the 360's 3rd party games are better....I would be pissed. After spending 600 dollars....Heck yeah....But I wouldn't take my anger out on the 360 or 360 fans....We are all gamers...there are great games comeing to all 3 consoles...

power of Green 4167d ago

Looking forward to PGR4 and Ninja Gaiden 2. Halo 3 and Mass Effect are payed for in full so is BioShock.

NextGen24Gamer4167d ago

Yes Yes Yes....Those games you mentioned are AAA Must Have titles....Its most definately a Great Time to be a Gamer. And the xbox 360 is leading the way with its long list of AAA games for 2007/2008....

Rooted_Dust4167d ago

I think I've heard just about as much analyst speculation over the last year as I can handle. I don't need to hear any more.

Maddens Raiders4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

Now of course it's really looking like this generation maybe not more so than the Genesis Ninty years, is really all about 1st part IP's. Whoever can keep drumming out 1st party hit after hit will draw more attention to it's system and overall console sales and attach rates. Just think of all the Bots that didn't wait for the 360 to get repaired and went out to go buy another 360 again just so they could play Gears again, as it was and (is) still the best game on that system.


\ Hey look TOp Lamer GAmer disagreed with me with BOTH of his accounts -- or should I say one of......

NextGen24Gamer4167d ago

You have so much "Hate" in you. I don't have time to click disagree with someone like you. I feel sorry for you buddy. SO much anger and hate in just about all of your postings. Have a blessed day buddy.

P.S. once again...I didn't disagree with you. And I don't appreciate your accusations and personal attacks...Grow up my friend.

Maddens Raiders4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

with your BullShyt. You can fool alot of people here but not me. You constatnly talked about the 360 and how much hate you had for the PS3 2 years and a year ago. You DONT FOOL me. And you are a liar.

Still working at Nintendo? How's your stock shares, and how many of those 360 cores that you bought have Rodded out. Nevermind -- you'll tell another lie anyway.

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NextGen24Gamer4167d ago

You my friend have some serious anger issues. Personal attacks don't bother me. And it just lets people see you for who are. WOW...

SmokeyMcBear4167d ago

haha thats pure comedy, madden calm down buddy, its not worth it, all that stuff falls on deaf ears, but i know what you are saying, and ive seen the shyte that elite spits. Yeah he has mutliple accounts, but in the end ya gotta say [email protected] it, and let it be. Save the rants for when he shows his true colors.

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