Why I'm Not Renewing Xbox Live

Gaming Hub contributor Koreginald dishes on why he has finally decided to not renew Xbox Live Gold

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jimineyscrickets4819d ago

I see this guy's point. Other services I use are "catching up," if you will, and making it harder and harder to justify the soon-to-be $60 price of live. Just like the author, the bulk of the features I use most on Live as a Gold subscriber are available on PSN or Steam for free.

Oh well...loving Halo Reach

iHEARTboobs4819d ago

Reach might get me to pay for live again. But we'll see, if not Reach then maybe GEARS for Horde.

darthv724819d ago

i am actually second guessing my renewal in november. I like the service but was mostly using it for the netflix. I would play a few games online but nothing to the point of it being a needed thing.

I just got an LG bluray BD570 and it has netflix and youtube and pandora in it. I has the same interface as the ps3 and wii as far as netflix goes. I have both the wii and ps3 versions of netflix and could have used them instead but something about that slick 360 interface I really liked.

I may actually cancel my renewal this time around. 5 years of gold membership is a tough thing to walk away from.

talltony4819d ago

so the games might make you renew again and not the features the service offers?
Cause Thats how I think. I renew to play a few exclusives online. I dnt even think about cross game chat and crap. Its all about the games but I hate paying to play online especially when I also have a ps3 with free online.

chanto234819d ago

I guess i'll pay for it again, NBA 2K11 is coming out plus Black-Ops... what else can i do

iHEARTboobs4819d ago

I just need the basic features so LIVE is pretty useless to me if I don't have to play online. I also do most of my gaming on my PS3 and keep the 360 for the exclusives. I don't need any of the extra fluff. As long as I can chat with those i'm playing with i'm good. I rarely have my mic on anyhow.

rroded4819d ago

my AV's twinky bill is gonna catch up if this keeps up.

Lifendz4819d ago

I can definitely see someone's gripe in having to pay a mandatory fee just to enjoy the online portion of their games. I can also see the argument against Live fees to use things like Netflix which is free for PS3 and Wii owners to use.

Having been a 360 owner for about two weeks now, I gotta say some of the cooler features of Live are the whole party chat system and the ability to go into a private chat. I got my Live card for about 20 bucks after an Amazon.com videogame promo. Point being if you shop around you can probably do better than the 60 MS charges. Whether you should have to do that is something different altogether.

Anon19744819d ago

It's not like I couldn't afford to pay for XBL gold anymore, but I can also flush $50 down the toilet and not really get anything out of that either, which is why I don't do it.

I had XBL of my original Xbox, then for 2 years on my 360 right around the time Halo 3 came out. I was having hardware issues yet again with my 360 (which also played into my decision), but popping in Halo 3 for a online match, I quickly found myself having to mute 6 people at the start of every single match. I also had a PS3 at the time but didn't really go online with it, not because I didn't like it but I was paying for XBL, I might as well use it. I never bothered with the video store (which was severely gimped in Canada anyway) and I found cross game chat an annoyance. None of my friends gamed on the 360 so I didn't have a personal connection with anyone I played against online. I just asked myself the question while some 12 year old screamed racist obscenities at me, "Why am I paying for this again?"

I cancelled my XBL Gold and never looked back. Strangely, I play more online now and find it more enjoyable then I ever did when I was paying for it. That I can't really explain, but it's true.

Trebius4819d ago

Get a PS3 ... both those games are free online ...

mikeslemonade4819d ago

Screw it. I played reach for two days, and never played it again.

Red_Orange_Juice4819d ago (Edited 4819d ago )

I wish there was option JUST for online, no netflix, no fecebook, no twitter for ~$30. Then I might actually buy an Xbox, but since I play multiplat games on PS3, paying for Live the way it is now for a 2-3 games a year is a bit too much for me.

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Imperator4819d ago

Played Halo Reach, but once the next month is over, I won't be renewing live. There is literally ZERO reason to have XBL when I can get everything I get on XBL for free on PSN. In fact, I'd rather continue my PS+ Subscription. I've gotten around $80 worth of games in the last three months and only paid $17. Now THAT'S value right there.

Persistantthug4819d ago

My little nephew wanted to show me his MW2 that I was shocked his parents let him have.

Liked the single player, and then I wanted to make a new account so I could play online, so I wouldn't interfere with his main. As I'm doing it, I discovered that Microsoft wanted to charge me for a brand new subscription.

I was like, WTF? I mean, even AOL used to allow you side accounts when they were ripping people off in the 90's. WTF?

Anyways, I discovered that XBOX LIVE isn't for me, so there's probably little reason for me to get a 360 at this point.

Btw, I made free game playing accounts for my Nephew and niece on the PS3/PSN because they seem to really like FAT PRINCESS alot. :)

Pedobear Rocks4819d ago

I have 3 kids and there is no way I was paying for 3 subs...plus mine. I realize now that MS has a 'family plan' but $100 a year is still steep in my books.

FunAndGun4819d ago

Pedobear Fan has kids!....Zoiks!!

Strikepackage Bravo4819d ago

but why do people keep saying PSN is free why pay for live. News flash for you slow minded people in the room, PSN SUCKS! its not even close to live.

Its dull dead and always late to the game, perhaps because its so slow. Not to mention it does NOT have as much content and no one has mics.

It sucks to play multiplayer on PSN, hardly anyone I know owns a PS3.
People forget, PS3 is still dead last in sales, especially where I live in the USA.

CyberCam4819d ago

someone only wants to just play games (just like a few users above you), without all the other extras? Is it still worth it then?

You must either live in some small hic town or only know less than 50 people that game in your neighborhood. Because of my business dealings, I literally know thousands of gamers in my area and it's about a 60(PSN)/40(360) split. It's means nothing in the end because the world is bigger than both of our towns/cites.

FantasyStar4819d ago

I still like PSN for the fact I can play online for free. Mics aren't an issue as I just find people with mics to play with. There's that nice feeling that there's no sub attached to PSN. Least, that's how I feel. Only reason I pay for XBL is for online play and party chat. Those 2 features are the only ones I ever use and I don't think $30-60 is worth the price of admission, even if it's just cents a day.

Persistantthug4819d ago

When you shoot people in BATTLEFIELD BAD COMPANY 2 on XBOX LIVE, I shoot people on on PSN.

When I score a touchdown in Madden on PSN, you too can score a touch down on LIVE.

You wanna carjack and kill people in GTA4 Online, I carjack as well.

I really fail to see what the fundamental difference is.

Yes, many of XBOX 360's intra communication features are better, but PS3 does have communication, but that's basically one feature.

Some of PS3's online features are better than XBOX 360's....free movies, free music, free themes, free extra accounts, etc....

If those features don't trump the communication, it darn well evens it out.

--my take.

blahblah4819d ago

which i'm really grateful for. if those few that have them would stop using them my online experience would go way up.

i can chat with people in my real life, i play games for fun not to listen some child being insulting just because i killed him, nor do i consider muting chore as fun. i'd be enormously happy if PS firmware update would allow me to hide my presence from "Players met". I stopped playing all games using mics (was playing MGO and UC2 beta, then back to MGO) and went to demons souls which has no voice/text chat, beside being best damn online experience ever (but, since i mostly invade in demons souls my inbox is constantly full of insults)

My advice... get some real friends and get a life.

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BkaY4819d ago

for over 2 yrs i think.. and yesterday i got 3 months sub just to try online.... specially gears n splinter cell.. i dont give a flying rats ass for other features...


vhero4818d ago (Edited 4818d ago )

MS picked the WRONG time to be increasing price. They should be at a point where they should find other avenues for cash and make it free instead they got cash signs in there eyes. Bad games (not saying it's got bad games just a point) nor RROD won't kill the 360 in the end MS will do it all by itself.

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Theparanerds4819d ago

already pay 60 dollars so it's nothing new for us. I wish i can say no more Xbox live, but you know how it is....

romalias24819d ago

$60 a month for live? hell I could get cable TV for a month or even pay my internet/phone bill with that...

maniacmayhem4819d ago

Yes you could...fortunatly you get live for 60 A YEAR..not month.

cochise3134819d ago

well PSN is free, so that 60 bucks can buy a new game.

Theoneneo814819d ago (Edited 4819d ago )

or you can stock up on 30-40 Live cards while you can and not have to worry for a few years I was up in august but i went and got one in july and I'll probally pick one up next month that way I'm good till atleast 2012