What Makes a Game Next Gen?

The man who coined the term examines the issue at GCDC.

Don Daglow know how to work a crowd. The guy who created the first-ever computer baseball game all the creaky way back in 1971 spoke room and had more interesting stuff to share on the subject than kids half his age.

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thereapersson4077d ago

This guy really knows what he is talking about and his comments accurately reflect the industry today.

Kholinar4077d ago

Paraphrasing: Next Gen is about new experiences.

I'd agree.

Rooted_Dust4077d ago

Next Gen is just a buzz word for Marketers. The only thing that has changed are system capabilities. More memory, better graphics, and better physics, better AI. With more capabilities developers may be able to use them in new and interesting ways, but not all will. Some developers will take the initiative to be inovative, but you can't expect all of them too. Most of the games we'll see will be the same, but just a little bit better.

Shaka2K64077d ago

Depends on the gen. right now its all about online,value,graphics,physics, AI ect.
noone cared for innovation gimmicks and all that crap in the past,why now that doesnt make games for fun its jsut something different but real gamers will always want the best technology and more advance.

Rooftrellen4077d ago

As much as I would like to agree with that, seeing as the PS3 had their sixaxis controller gimmick after they saw what the Wii (then Revolution, still) was doing, I must disagree.

It's not important to be on the cutting edge of technology to be next gen, but it often is (such as the 360 graphics or the Wii's use of accelerometers), but no one would deny the PS3 ots its games are next gen, just because it doesn't match the 360 or Wii in gaming advancements.

I think the article nails it.

CadDad4077d ago

I disagree with this for a few reasons.

People did care for innovation, gimmicks, and "all that crap" but only when it was implemented correctly and put into widespread use.

Anytime you use the phrase "real gamer" to justify your beliefs you aren't thinking for gamers, you are thinking for yourself and a stereotype you fit or one you want others to fit.

Personally i'm a gamer that has been playing and collecting video games and video game systems for over 20 years, but according to your definition i'm not a "real" gamer. That must mean i'm a fake or a poser gamer. ;)

As a "fake gamer" I want games that are fun. Period. That's it. The rest is great, but if they aren't fun I should be getting paid to spend time on them (sorta like work)


ChickeyCantor4077d ago

"noone cared for innovation gimmicks"
the whole gaming world is based on stfu

ParaDise_LosT4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

be made on a next gen console(i.e xbox360,ps3)
every game made for x360&ps3 are 'next gen' games..
its a matter of making it a good game..
just cuz its a next gen game doesn't mean its gonna be the best game

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The story is too old to be commented.