A PS3 Title Is Largest Sales Gainer at Amazon's Computer & Video Games

Sales for the title gained more than 1,300 percent in the past 24 hours to become the largest sales gainer at Amazon's Computer & Video Games Movers and Shakers.
Sales for Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 title The Eye of Judgement spiked at retailer on Tues. when the card battle game became available for pre-order purchases.

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thereapersson4167d ago

I hope this title gets all the recognition it deserves and sells a crapload.

MK_Red4167d ago

The Eye of Judgement truly deserves more attention. I'm not a big fan of card games but this game looks more than interesting.

Odion4167d ago

MK-Red wtf is so hard for you to understand that Amazon news posts are freaking not allowed, honestly you've become so useless lately

Mr Murda4167d ago

BUT, these Amazon "stories" are all crap. For example, "PS3 Jumps 1000% at Amazon, or the 360 down 9000% at Amazon". It's really not an accurate gauge of anything except your desperation to submit news with a flame baiting title.

XxZxX4167d ago

yeah did got something better to do that monitoring it 24/7.

tplarkin74167d ago

This is useless information. I like the link to the hot titles!

XxZxX4167d ago

basically implemented Yugi-Oh to real life.

THC CELL4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

lol if it was halo 3 news now u would cheer so stop been a poof

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The story is too old to be commented.