Canadian July NPD - PS3 outsells 360

Canadian VG industry sales continue their blistering sales pace. Sales for July were up $32M for the month to almost $84M. Sales for the year are up over 60%.

Overall hardware sales were up 113% matching the YTD increase, with console sales up an incredible 213% YOY. Portable hardware sales were flat YOY for the month, and are up 35% for the year with the DS outselling the PSP 7-1 during July. The GBA loses some steam, but is still selling better than the PSP by a significant margin.

On the console side, the Wii was far and away the leading HW platform, selling over 2-1 over the PS3, which managed to outsell the 360 for the first time by over 15%. PS2 outsold them both easily to snag the #2 spot for the month. It's worth noting that the 360 has been outselling the PS3 by a similar margin in Canada than in the US, so that potentially portends well for the PS3's chances come Thursday. That being said, the markets move quite differently and the PS3's performance has been so rough, it could merely be a specific market's correction.

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Funky Town_TX5762d ago

Keep that growth coming. GO SONY. Competition is great. Now M$ has had a price drop. Sony will follow again. Now Sony just needs to push more games. With MGS and Killzone 2 dropping in 08 things will get better.

BenzMoney5762d ago

I'd attribute this to a good showing at E3 by Sony and a slow summer (so far) for MS.

It'll be interesting to see if things swing back the other way after the 360 price drop, Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, the new HDMI Premiums, 65nm chip, etc.

The Warhawk and Lair 'boost' that many were expecting to keep Sony's momentum going so far look like they might cause more damage than good (based on early reviews)... too early to tell, though.

the worst5762d ago

nobody going 2 run out a get
a 360 for Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect
only few people these are good
for people that already has a 360.
360 price drop is good for all
those 360 owners who needs a
second or third 360

BIadestarX5762d ago

"nobody going 2 run out a get
a 360 for Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect" ... ofcourse not.. who's going to buy a game console to buy games. On the other hand they will run and buy a console to play blu-ray movies.
(end sarcasm)

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