Dante gives DMC fans the middle finger

Literally. A .psd file on Capcom's press site unveils different layers to the image other than those already seen by most gamers. One layers is a completely new image of Dante, facing to the side while smoking a cigarette. Another layer changes Dante's nose slightly, whilst the last one changes Dante's visible hand so that he’s giving the camera the finger.

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pwnd_of_lol3005d ago

and the fans give the middle finger for capcom...

dangert123005d ago

your giving capcom to much i haven't given them anything since sf4

ExplosionSauce3004d ago

"Capcom let's Ninja Theory give DMC fans the middle finger"

Fixed :P

Redrum0593004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

im tired of dante being too bad ass.
remember in the first DMC.
dante was more serious and less jokes, and he would even get his ass wooped from time to time (vergil fight, mundus fight, trish)
but now since dmc4, he tends to be too bad ass so beating main enemies down seems less cool.
They need to make a DMC game where dante is the underdemon (under dog lol) again so that it seems more epic when he pulls through and completes his mission.

F***ing lame

Redrum0593004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

it always feels good when you defeat a foe thats meant to be stronger then you

F***ing epic

@ agree, you obviously know good games
to disagrees, you kids are lame.

Redrum0593004d ago

and what the hell is that flag doing on his arm.
dante isnt from Europe, He's from Hell you morons

Baba19063004d ago

well its not like he can buy cloth in hell so i guess the flagg is ok.

ThanatosDMC3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

He cant be underdemon or whatever you call it since his dad or the blood running in his veins is the from the strongest demon, Sparda.

Sparda vs the Mundus, his generals, and every demon. He fought them all.

Also, apparently Silver/White (Sparda) x Blonde (Eva) = Black (meth head)

ExplosionSauce3004d ago

That's a very good point. His hair would never be black.... unless he dyed it, which would be stupid.

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borisfett3005d ago

Kudos to you, that gave me a chuckle.

ABizzel13004d ago

I'm with dante, all you bastards complaining about my new look, I'd say f u too.

shoddy3004d ago

they fuked up ff13 now DMC. I love DMC especially the first one. Dante was super cool.

Nitrowolf23004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

yeah and it is starting to tick me off
i am afraid that japanese gaming market will become a full westernize market. I am going to miss it when that happens.
they don't make games like they use to

BillOreilly3004d ago

ninja theory might not be japanese but i think the new dante looks more japanese than western. Japan is big on emo punky shit. I bet they love it in japan. The original dante is more western, you can tell by how much people liked him and hate this.

ExplosionSauce3004d ago

The silver/white hair is seen a lot more in Japanese media.

Millah3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

@genoclaude, if you think this Dante is more Japanese and the old Dante is more western, you clearly don't have a CLUE about Japan or their style of games. Dante was exactly the type of character you would expect to come out of Japan with his whole attitude, his hair and his character design. This new Dante is EXACTLY the kind of character I would expect out of a western studio trying to handle a Japanese franchise.

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FACTUAL evidence3004d ago

The new Dante could sit on that finger and spin for all i giva fuck. Oh, capcom can ride it too....fuck them too!

bjornbear3004d ago

he looks HORRIBLE. with the union jack and the gay emo hair -_-

so westernized it makes me sick....

totally turned off my DMC least until I see gameplay, but art direction matters a lot for immersion!

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Sidology3005d ago

Naughty, naughty, Dante.

nefertis3005d ago

Crapcom is full of shit.

JimRome3004d ago

Dante proceeds to cutting his wrists...

Natsu X FairyTail3004d ago

They'Re tryna make him look Cool by Smoking Cigs?

JimRome3004d ago

needles aren't cigs....

WildArmed3004d ago

Find it stupid that they did that..
what are they trying to appeal to?

other than making all their fans pissed.

Dante was definitely one of the most badass character born in the ps2/xbox saga..
and then they kill him off now? retards

RememberThe3573004d ago

If he's smokin weed, I swear to god I will take back everything I said about this game.

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