Spielberg prefers Blu-ray, annoyed with Paramount

A noticeable stipulation in the Paramount deal yesterday was that films directed by Steven Spielberg would not be HD DVD exclusive, and could be distributed on either or both formats. At the time, it was not apparent if this meant the famous director was a fan of Blu-ray, but clarification received by High Def Digest suggests that the only Spielberg film coming out in high definition will be the recently announced 'Encounters of the Third Kind' and only on Blu-ray.

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Whoooop4167d ago

That's why it's in the Tech section.

Rooted_Dust4167d ago

Blu-Ray has a good deal to do with gaming(Included on PS3 increasing it's price, media for all PS3 games with possible benefits for game developers). HD-DVD has only a passing association with gaming(Stand alone peripheral for Xbox 360 with no impact on games or game development).

Mr Murda4167d ago

Show me how Spielberg is "Annoyed"?

sticky doja4167d ago

Everyone knows he is a blu-ray backer, but no where did I see his is "annoyed with Paramount."

I don't see why he would be considering his movies will be realesed on both, if not both then blu-ray alone.

tplarkin74167d ago

The title is bogus. There isn't a single quote from Steven Spielberg, only his "spokesman". And there was nothing about him being "annoyed".

Also, when you post news, you are not allowed to change the headline!

The article's headline is, "Spielberg Feeling Blu Too".

Imallvol74167d ago

HD-DVD enthusiast and supporters are just making everyone miserable. They should be fined for trying to draw this battle out.

chrno4167d ago

Right bubble 4 u. People like bloodmask and POW just want to see ps3 fail - fact.

WilliamRLBaker4167d ago

because they are dumb now that they are hd dvd exclusive for 18 months, cause When Sony tricked all their playstation fans into buying what was a cheap blu ray player so as to give blu ray an advantage that worked. (ps3 accounts for 95% of all blu ray player sales, and 80% of blu ray movie hd dvd would kill blu ray if not for ps3* its sonysmart?

cdzie14167d ago

Umm.. Sony split from the HD DVD group and is directly responsible for the format war. Don't blame the HD DVD group for playing by the same rules Sony is.

Primetimebt4167d ago

Dude you really need to get laid

WilliamRLBaker4167d ago

thanks cd i was trying to find that website. *and its all fact look it up*

Marceles4167d ago

your comment made me spit my drink out

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WilliamRLBaker4167d ago

So Steven remake my movies retard is pissed that paramount signed and 18 month exclusivity deal to use hd dvd, and his movies never had, nor never will have a part of said deal?

....So as I'm to understand it he's pisses that the deal some how Messes up his weird remake of encounters of the third kind where they removes all guns from the movie, and instead has them carrying radios when guns are turned on the main character?

Im confused why he has any opinion on this since none of his movies are part of the deal or affected by it..

Panthers4167d ago

THis is turning bad. Paramount needs to reconsider before pissing off fans

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