Big Daddy Figurine Issue

2K Games has identified a small percentage of Big Daddy figurines that have been damaged in transit to US and Canadian retailers. 2K Games is in the process of setting up a replacement program to ensure customers who are affected by the damaged figurines are issued replacement figurines as quickly as possible.

Since redemption will not be immediate as replacement figurines are currently beginning production, 2K Games will be also sending affected customers a complimentary special printed edition of the BioShock art book, "Breaking the Mold," to enjoy while the replacement figurines are produced and shipped. Additionally, 2K Games will cover all shipping costs for the figurines and art book.

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SuperSaiyan44907d ago

Never offer an incentive like that to fans of a game...Why? Because they are sure to 'break' it on purpose to get their hands on that book...I say this as one person on 2K forums had said some people were breaking it on purpose.

Eclipticus4906d ago (Edited 4906d ago )

thats what i was thinking. But i just opened mine up. well took it out of the box. the figure is still wraped secure. and there is a small piece on the bottom. rolling around. I dont wanna open it, so they know i didnt do it, but i cant figure out what it is.

edit. oh its the edge of the drill. against the plastic holder.

FadeToBlack4906d ago

My Big Daddy figurine came with his spiral arm broken, i just glued it back on.

Eclipticus4906d ago

yeah but you shouldnt have to glue it back on, the minute it comes out of the packaging.