Shrink says Jack Thompson is sane? That's crazy

The famed attorney and anti-violence crusader Jack Thompson was ordered to undergo psychological testing, but now it looks like the video gaming's very own "Wacko Jack-o" isn't so whacked after all -- or at least that's his paid psychologist said.

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iballa4167d ago

i don't care what any shrinks says, the guys nuts.

xbox360elitegamer4167d ago

who care what everyone thinks i find the guy is CRAZY!!!!

Rooted_Dust4167d ago (Edited 4167d ago )

He's clinically sane, but that doesn't stop him from being irrational. If irrationality was linked to mental illness I think 25% of the Earth's population would need professional help. There will always be people like JT, so there always needs to be someone to counter him. If people like JT are allowed to go on unopposed for too long people tend to take what he says for truth.

xionpunk4167d ago

*sniff sniff* whats that smell...oh its bull****

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The story is too old to be commented.