Sledgehammer already working on a new title?

SystemLink: "If you follow the Call of Duty series at all, you might recall the founding of Activision Blizzard's Sledgehammer Games studio. Tasked with the creation of a brand new Call of Duty game, Sledgehammer’s first foray into the field is said to be a departure from the standard FPS formula that made the series famous. While that game has yet to fully surface, it looks as though Sledgehammer may be hard at work on another, currently unannounced title."

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infestedandy3137d ago

I've never been a giant CoD dude, but I'm wondering what an action/adventure CoD would be like.

Valay3137d ago

Action-adventure Call of Duty? I don't know about that.

mjolliffe3137d ago

Yeah, it's coming, but hasn't been officially announced, meaning this could just be a revised listing for that title.

dragonelite3137d ago

Look at uncharted 2 only more military styled.
Im talking about gameplay.

Britney Spears3137d ago

killing and spamming the franchise more than what it is already. funny thing is these idiots buy it up all the time. There will be 2 cod titles next year,mw 3 by IW and this new one.

mzm1193137d ago

action/adventure? wtf are current COD games, then? does simply making a game 3rd person qualify it as an action/adventure game?

the only thing i can think is they are making a RTS game like Halo Wars.

AKA3137d ago

Its far away from a cool military shooter and know is just a acction movie kind of game wich is ok but im looking for a military shooter. And i think MOH and Killzone will made me moré than happy.

Mista T3137d ago

I will only buy COD if there's one called "future warfare" space marine kind of stuff. that would be kinda cool