Halo: Reach Achievement Boosting is Good for Bungie

Loot Ninja says:

"Last night, Steve and I sat down with one goal in mind: rack up some Achievements in Halo: Reach. After seeing IGN’s Strategize video on the Xbox 360 dashboard, we hopped on over and downloaded their game type variant to make it easy to score a million points in Firefight. Is it a cheap way to boost your Gamerscore? Sure. Was is a hell of a lot of fun just rocket blasting Elites for a half hour without dying? You bet your sweet ass it was. But the bigger picture here is that while some may frown on this type of Achievement boosting, these Firefight variants are actually a very good thing for Bungie. Why, you might ask? You’ll have to keep clicking to find out."

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McCullster3130d ago

I did the exact same thing. Went and downloaded it and got the achievements with a few buddies, and had an absolute blast.

Great for a few achievements, but I think the achievement boosting is a sense of accomplishment with all of the "Kill 250 grunts while falling for 3 seconds and do an assassination kill" type achievements in the game.

You gotta have a vent, a release from the sometimes berating lobbies of matchmaking. Go screw around for a bit to cool down, then get back in to matchmaking and have some fun.

fiercescuba3130d ago

I'm cool with the achievment boosting as long as it does not give you an advantage over other gamers. Since all the CR only resort to aesthetic items for armor/voice/death animation etc., it is something to have fun with and nothing more.

crzyjackbauer3130d ago

Reach's Achivements are way too easy
im only missing 3
1 for the daily challenge- witch i plan to complete today
and the rest i just need to level up to captian and the other one to LT/ colonel
if bungie releases new maps i hope they come with more achivements

LeeRoyJenkins3130d ago

Halo: Reach GOTY 2010... I think so.

divideby03130d ago

I have about 10hrs in to Reach and if this game gets GOTY, I would be amazed. Sure its a great game and sales are there, but that dont make it GOTY
To many other ground breaking games this year for contention.

Windex3130d ago

i mean 20 dollar gift card for 60 dollar game preorder for 3 months??

and its got 92 metacritic which is respectable, but not a GOTY winner.

Fishy Fingers3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

I prefer games like Kirby's Epic Yarn to win GOTY, it brings notification to a lesser known title, one that displays originality and novelty in it's design.

Halo, COD, GT5, Read Dead, these are all great games but they're just refinement of an already established formula. Even though one of those is likely to be my GOTY.

fiercescuba3130d ago

I think Red Dead Redemption might take it just because it is the first real western sandbox and much more than GTA 100 years ago.

Halo: Reach is awesome, but not THAT groundbreaking. They much improved on a winning formula.

Now, I think it will win Best Multi GOTY. Firefight 2.0 and Forge World really make it stand out.

StanLee3130d ago

Game of the year is still Mass Effect 2 although Starcraft 2 may have a great shot at Game of the Year. Unless LittleBigPlanet 2 is released this year, I think those two games are the front runners.

CombatEvolving3130d ago

Kiby's Epic Yarn is nothing special. Just more of Kirby. It's just refinement of an already established formula.

antz11043130d ago


Lol how is Kirby not a refinement of an already established formula? Its been around since the 80's.

Fishy Fingers3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Interesting response. I assume your a Halo fan from your name and perhaps a little defensive? My point is simply that I like the smaller, more creative titles to gain some recognition (hence "like Kirby" LIKE, not Kerby in particular). The huge multimillion dollar advertised games stand to gain nothing from it.

divideby03129d ago

^ yea I bought Reach at BB got the 20 buck card + 10 bucks rewards for pre-order... So I got the game for 30 bucks lol

and TRUS was giving out 25 buck cards

I was very surprised at the above. I didnt think they would make such offers for this title

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N4PS3Fanboys3130d ago

You're not alone. Most people think so.

divideby03130d ago

I dont care about achieve or trophies, I play games for fun.
Just shows you how meaningless this stuff is when you can "cheat or boost" your way to it.. hence these #s are meaningless to me.. you never know HOW they were EARNED

DirtyLary3130d ago

Unlimited ammo and no fear of losing, good way to get yourself really bored with firefight.

I know I am.

MM team slayer and BTB all day.