How Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony can win the console war

It's a critical time for the Big Three console manufacturers. As the second holiday season rapidly approaches, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft will do all they can in an effort to win consumer dollars and solidify their mark in gaming.

"This is the most competitive holiday season in the history of video games," says Pacific Crest analyst Evan Wilson. Indeed it is. Fortunately, the increased competition spells increased choice and value for gamers.

But what does each console maker need to do to stay ahead of the competition? GamePro would like to answer that very question, assuming they were in charge of each respective company. And though it's a lot easier to gamble with other people's money, it doesn't make it any less fun.

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ALI-G4079d ago

but there is no way sony can won.
the only think they can do is cutting their lose, since they were the first in last GEN

djt234079d ago

i agree too
pretty good people should read it

g4n4079d ago

Sony- Get some games. As of RIGHT NOW, cancel all funding and recourses for “other then games” like HOME, trailer downloads, etc. Redirect those assists towards getting killer games on the PS3. try to FOCUS! This is a gaming console.

M$- xbox361, with actuall “next gen” hardware. DVD’s, memory cards, max XGA res, all those are over 10 years old. While you can “barely” get away with it now, a year from now idk… UT3 for example does not know how to make a next gen game on last gen media… Also, EXPAND your games past FPS, especially if you want to mature crowd (who actually have jobs, not 14 y/o begging mommy for another FPS…)

N- keep doing exactly what you’re doing… but how about a little more love for the hardcore =)

Kholinar4079d ago

I think your advice to Sony is the key for all.

Granted, MS needs to continue to make their hardware problems disappear...

I'll state the obvious. Forgive me. This is duh... Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo will win with Killer Apps(tm). Sony and Nintendo have great potential in this area. With games like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus last gen Sony did some really creative things. Doing things like that again may make an innovative game that is not just a cult, media fave. Nintendo obviously has the ability to make must have games. Microsoft has shown the ability with Halo and a couple of others. Whether they can do it again is the question with all of these consoles.

Honestly, I don't think any console will dominate like the PS2 this time around. Instead, I think most people will end up with all three once the prices drop to reasonable levels. I got a refurb PS2 for $120 mid-last gen. I got a gamecube earlier because it was cheaper at release. I never got an Xbox, but if it had the right games I would have.

Anyway, there's nothing wrong with losing. It can lead to rethinking strategies and enhanced creativity. The best songs come out of the hard times.

crippler6664079d ago

Nintendo: Even though a lot is made out of Sony's lack of software, Nintendo is fast falling into the same niche. If they continue without games they will start to lose sales fast. Especially considering Microsoft are dropping the price of the 360 down and Sony maybe forced to follow suit.

Microsoft: Had a very fine first year and have kept themselves pretty much chugging along. They need to get people believing in them as a company again. Having had all the hassle with operating systems for my PC (between 3-4 blue screens aday with official XP-SP2) and looking at letters my friends have received telling them it is their own fault the 360 died (they have offered to replace now), does not make me have much faith in anything they do. Remember die hard fans buy because they trust the product, the rest you have to win, considering the high failure rate, does it reflect good on the company.

Sony: Have lost alot of faith from consumers and publishers alike. Yes anyone who has looked at a PS3 properly and just not hated before they look admits it is a good console, but is it worth the price tag? To look at it another way, I worked out the PS3 costs around 18p per day for the the next 7 years, I used to spend £5-10 a week in an arcade of Street Fighter years ago. Sony need to stop being so technical minded and thinking this is clinical, this is not no forgone conclusion.

IMO the 3 companies can co-exist if they make 20million sales each, this I believe is going to happen. The consumers will be the winners because all of them will try to outdo the other and some of the best games ever will appear across all 3 formats.

alaaji4079d ago

Here is a list of 333 games that are out for the Wii or will soon be coming out.

crippler6664079d ago

I agree there is games coming out, but just like the PS3, in the present there are just isn't that many.

Kleptic4079d ago (Edited 4079d ago )

w/e...I reversed it...accidental post...

ChickeyCantor4079d ago

what is your serial number?
i'm willing to pay for the extra costs when i send you back to Sony for repairs it seems you ain't working correctly.