Civilization 5: Direct X 11 highly recommended

The guys at PCGH reviewed Civilization 5 and included some technical background on the DX11 part. Firaxis is calling the DX11 version the "native mode" - and the features that are exclusive to this render path including hardware tessellation seems to be quite interesting.

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callahan093137d ago

I don't understand how to play this game in DX11? I have a 5870, which is a DX11 native card, I played Metro 2033 in DX11 for instance. But whenever I launch Civ V, it gives me a launcher window that says basically "Click here for DX9" and "Click here for DX 10/11"... but the DX 10/11 button doesn't work? I can't actually click it. Makes no sense.

Letros3137d ago

Its a bug with Steam apparently, my labmate had this problem, he solved it by right clicking steam.exe(in the directory) and for some reason compatibility for Vista was checked, uncheck it, see if this solves the problem.

callahan093137d ago

Hmm, thanks, I'll give that a try. I'm not sure why compatibility would be checked, but I'll try it out.

Psychotica3137d ago

I downloaded it from Steam and the DX10 /11 button works fine

Letros3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Everyone downloaded it from Steam...

Here's the thread about it too,