E4G: Fifa 11 demo impressions

E4G: Fifa’s start screen sees one of the footballers on the front cover, Real Madrid’s Kaka, walking down a tunnel, on his way to play a match, probably. After selecting your preferred control setup and favourite team (if you don’t have one just choose Barcelona as everyone online does) you are dropped into a training session.

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shepowy3136d ago

I can't wait for Fifa 11 to come out now! Not long until the football season truly kicks off, as it will once Fifa is released.

dkblackhawk503136d ago

Yep, the good ol football season :D

Chefooba3136d ago

Fifa games just seem to be getting further and further ahead of the crowd in the footy gaming market. Me likey the sound of this.

matrix2013136d ago

In my opinion, Fifa overthrows PES in every way possible.

shepowy3136d ago

I wish Fifa wasn't so far ahead because i used to love PES back in the day, but now it's just embarassingly bad compared to Fifa.

Chefooba3136d ago

It didn't used to be like that though, PES was king until the last few years or so.

Capdastaro3136d ago (Edited 3136d ago )

PES was awesome until they focused on the wii versions too much.

They put all their effort into the controls for the wii version than the rest of the whole game on all platforms... Which they did a great job in doing but when the game is poor then its not worth it in the end.

CovertGunman3136d ago

Not really a huge fan of Fifa games, but I've always heard they're really good. Maybe one day I'll actually try them out. Meh.

steve083136d ago

the demo of fifa 11 is great, you can tell that its a huge improvement over last years edition. It just "feels" better, shooting and crossing especially feel much better. Day one for me

matrix2013136d ago

Same here :D, this game shall be awesome!

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