Five PlayStation Move games coming soon

Pocket-lint: The PlayStation Move is finally here, but what exactly can you play on it? We've already pulled together a round-up of the best games available now, but if that's not enough and you want to know what else is on the way then read on for our pick of the games that are coming soon.

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SpikeSpiegel3925d ago

What about No More Heroes for the ps3? Its coming out early next year(I think) but I don't hear anyone talking about that game.

hay3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Heroes' Paradise hits sometime in 2011, but there's no more specific window announced.
I hope that Sorcery will be released soon enough.

Also Aragorn's Quest looks like lots of fun can't wait for both along with Time Crisis. Killzone 3 is a must have for me.

Pillville3925d ago

"doesn't work very well"?
I know you're only trolling, but

My 3 year old daughter can play Start The Party without any explanation or help with the controls. She sees herself on TV with a paint brush and it follows her EXACTLY no matter which way she moves.
Try that with the Wii and you will have a frustrated 3 year old and parents.

redsquad3925d ago

Leeroy, the Move tech is pretty much idiot-proof... Just sayin'.
If you can't get it working well then I do have to wonder how you'll manage with Kinect.

c0nnnn3925d ago

No games to play LeeRoy did you check the PSN? there are like 3 or four of them, not including the ones that are available at your local game store!

SillySundae3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Lol. Trolling.

You are obviously lying. You don't even have a PS3 for you to buy MOVE.

============================= ============================== = ==
Tag his comments when he trolls so it becomes hidden.
============================= ============================== = ===

He is obviously a 360 fanboy. Here were some of his comments on other non-move articles.

<About a DUoDecim article>
"Is this on Xbox 360, if not GTFO"

<About Quantum Theory>
"Nothing can top Gears of War franchise, and let's remember it's only Xbox 360...Jump In!"

Theonik3925d ago

A thing to note btw.
Time Crisis: Razing storm is basically a compilation of 3 arcade games.
1. Razing storm (look it up)
2. Time Crisis 4
3. That pirate thing.
So getting it :D

nveenio3925d ago

I agree. My experience with Move in my home is that it tracks even better than I saw in the E3 demos. (Except for Gladiator Duel...sometimes it won't let me do a backhanded slash.)

skip2mylou3924d ago

leeroy ur avatar pic fits you cause all you spread is fud

WharenPeace3924d ago

I'm secretly hoping that The Fight delivers. It looks like it could be something quite spectacular, but the two main games I'm waiting for Sorcery and Killzone 3. I can hardly wait.

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Beast_Master3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Well I traded in my Kinect already. It doesn't work very well and there are no games for it (Unless you are a girl). Would rather play my Wii.

Hey I am am just as honest as Leeroy JENNNNKKKIIINNNS!

jack_burt0n3925d ago

I plugged in my kinect and it exploded very disappointed with MS hardware going to sue them for a gazillion dollars.

AndrewRyan3925d ago

Half of these games shown can be played with a controller, why the hell would I want to spend $60 on a accessory controller to play this game? Let me guess "Because it's a new way to play the game, with 1:1 response! AMAZING" No. Instead of waving my arms around and embarrassing myself I think I will stick with my Dualshock 3.

nveenio3925d ago

After playing table tennis with Move, you'll never attempt playing it with a DS3 again.

Cratos87803925d ago

Move is awesome. Haters who hate without trying fail.

btk3925d ago

My Kinect is so awesome... It reads minds...
Mine canceled the pre-order because it knew I would think it is rubbish

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Stuart57563925d ago

Killzone 3's the most anticipated for me on that list, then Time Crisis.

YourFlyness3925d ago

yea Killzone #1 for me than Time Crisis and The Fight #2, I put them at the same rank because the are different enough to share that spot

guitarded773925d ago

Killzone for sure... but the Time Crisis demo sucked. I wanted to like it but it was bad. Unless the overall game is better, I'll be sticking with Dead Space Extraction for my on rails shooter when I get it free with Dead Space 2.

MidnightWatcher3925d ago

Is Time Crisis a 'on rails' shooter?

YourFlyness3925d ago

Yes always been, and one of the best their is.

KUV19773925d ago

There is an 'on rails' mode as well as a traditional shooter mode where you use either the NavCon or the normal Controller for moving.

kasasensei3925d ago

KZ3 is one of the few move-compatible-games I'm interested in.

Newtype3925d ago

THE FIGHT, looks awesome.

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