Next Xbox "years away", says Microsoft

Microsoft's Xbox & Entertainment Director Stephen McGill has suggested that we won't be seeing a successor to the Xbox 360 for a good few years yet, saying that the firm are "years away from contemplating what comes next".

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Xwow20083133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

wait and see, thats all i can say .

imvix3133d ago

Both the console makers incurred heavy losses this generation. Releasing Move and Kinect this late in the generation is a delay tactic. I think they probably are under pressure from their share holders to turn a profit which will take a while. Releasing another console at this point in time will only mean more losses for the both of them.

theKiller3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

oops, did i say 2012? at the world crisis/end times/Zionist/freemasons plot against the poor people? what ever so i think MS wont hurry too much because they need to recover from their loses and will play it more careful this time!!

it would be good if all console release their next consoles in 2013 or even 2014!! but i can only think of PS3 making it that far!!! MS tech is too dated already!! and wii is not a current gen console except its user interface interaction!! the only thing which will make MS last longer or shorter is the success of the Kinect!! so if Kinect fails to achieve the MS goals then expect a new console in 2011 or 2012.

so i think the next wii and 360 would be in 2012 while ps3 in 2013, or wii/360 would be in 2013 and ps3 2014!!

it is for our own benefit and the console makers to make the console lifespam and its support longer!! who wants to fork out 300-500 USD next year for a new console with little software? and i dont think MS/Sony/Nindendo want to lose billions for making a new console every 5 years!!

MrMccormo3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Who is to say Microsoft will even launch a console next generation? "Next Xbox years away" very well might mean 10 or 15 years from now.

Since gamers LOVE to talk sales and percentages so much, I'm surprised they are so unaware of the business going on at Microsoft:
- executives are DROPPING LIKE FLIES from the Xbox division
- the division is losing money big time
- they are closing and consolidating studios (a very common method of saving money, in case you didn't know)
- there is less and less of that infamous "exclusive DLC" they are so famous for buying

These are simple facts. Click disagree if you want, but you cannot deny facts.

@ below

Oh, your absolutely right. Sony isn't in perfect shape, either. However, they are making a ton of money in their gaming division through the PSP and PS2. And the PS3's hand in making Blu Ray the standard new def has already given them billions of $$$, so I do feel it balances out.

Substance1013133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

While its true Xbox division isnt making much. However Sony is in a much worse position, they announced a 850million usd loss last year alone. Microsoft is atleast making piddly profits now lol.

Its not like i like microsoft, hell i hate the company. But financial facts are facts.


Sony arent making a ton of money, in fact even in the last quarter the entire gaming division combined made a loss. People disagreeing need to check financials, hitting the disagree button wont make Sony profit all of a sudden.

Bucky Sligo3133d ago

"Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, the portion of the giant company responsible for Xbox operations (as well as Zune and Games for Windows) brought in $165 million in profits during the company's third quarter of fiscal 2010, which ended March 31. In the same period last year, the division lost $41 million."

"Early this morning, Sony issued its final results for the 12 months ending March 31, 2010. Its overall shortfall was slightly less than indicated in Monday's guidance revision, with the electronics giant posting an annual loss of ¥40.66 billion ($435.6 million) on revenues of ¥7.214 trillion ($77.28 billion). That was an improvement on the ¥98.59 billion ($1.05 billion) loss it posted a year prior, although revenues fell from ¥7.730 trillion ($82.84 billion). The loss was also $316.4 million less than the ¥70 billion ($752 million) deficit it had predicted in February."

Both companies are doing better but to me it seems like Sony is bleeding more than MS with the PS3. From a financial point of view, Msoft is doing much better than Sony in the entertainment division. I'm not a finance wizz so correct me if I'm wrong.

caladbolg7773133d ago

Is it possible that the MS numbers that you posted only include the numbers from the entertainment division (and not the marketing division, windows division, mobile division, etc) while the Sony numbers you posted are all inclusive (PS3, Televisions, portable music players, etc)? If this is the case, don't you think it's like comparing apples to oranges?

Substance1013133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )


Sony made an overall loss of 436million usd as Bucky posted.

However it was the gaming division that dragged them into the loss. The gaming division lost around 850million usd this includes PS2, PS3 and PSP and all the software sales etc.

Due to the gaming division the entire company was dragged into an over all loss of 436million usd.


Thats something they predict they will be getting (also note that is figures relates to Sony as an organisation not just the gaming divison). It will just cancel out what they lost last year. Anyways you cant go on about predictions until they actually end up making the money.

Its not like Last year is the only year they have been loosing, they have been constantly making losses on the gaming division for some years now. Covering all that will take afew years. By then they will probably need to brace them selves for more losses on the PS4.

caladbolg7773133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

The link Bucky provided is stating that Sony's Networked Products & Services division expects to post a $536.4m profit for the current fiscal year.

MrMccormo3133d ago

These are all fair comments, but I will still point out that it is Microsoft, not Sony or Nintendo, who is closing studios, losing virtually every one of their key employees in the Xbox division, and is coming out with fewer and fewer exclusives and fewer new IPs.

caladbolg7773133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

I know it, Mccormo. I know it firsthand because I've worked at Microsoft Game Studios starting back in 2006.

dragonelite3133d ago

Microsoft just made 3~4 new studio last year wtf are you guys complaining fasa and ensemble a lot of personal got relocated, I know a lot of fasa members went to bungie.

From my head its already 8 month back i last talked about it.
Firebird studio's dedicated graphics studio

Sub studio at rare

big park games(kinect studio)

ooh yeah dont forget 343 studios.

Bucky Sligo3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Each company has different products in their divisions so it will be hard to get a fair comparison. Still though, my gut feel is that Msoft's entertainment division is financially better off than Sony's Networked Products & Services division, which houses each companies consoles.

@ MrMccormo
Based off the tidbits of news on N4G, that may be the case but we don't have a complete list of what MS opened and closed so I don't know if I agree with you.

alb18993133d ago


Ooooh God knows i want to lose money as Microsoft does!

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movements3133d ago

Don't believe MS. 2012 -- is still "years" away

frankymv3133d ago


2011 is also years away.

We'll see the 720 in fall 2011. For those who drink the MS cool aid and think otherwise.....LMAO.

3133d ago
frankymv3133d ago

actually, windows 8 is in 2012.

oh my...are you one of those that screams in horror at the thought of a new console since you have to save up?

vsr3132d ago

It merges windows live with xbox live i.e fully digital distribution. Then it will discontinue xbox because MS don't need bluray

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caladbolg7773133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

"its the guys in 3rd place"

Time on the market:
360 - 5 years
Wii - 4 years
PS3 - 4 years

Approximate hardware totals since console launch:
360 - 43.2m
Wii - 74.0m
PS3 - 37.6m

1st - Wii (18.5m units/year)
2nd - PS3 (9.4m units/year)
3rd - Xbox360 (8.6m units/year)

YTD for 2010:
Wii - 8.5m
PS3 - 6.4m
360 - 6.1m

via VGChartz, no less. In reality, PS3 total in 4 years time is closer to 38.1m (0.5m more than VGchartz estimates; 9.5m units/year), while the 360 total is nearer to 41.7m (1.5m less than VGchartz estimates; 8.3m units/year) in 5 years time. The PS3 is selling over 1 million units more than the 360 every year.

Now, I'm not going to dance around proclaiming that the 360 is getting roflSTOMPED, but it's certainly in last place year over year. Maybe it's time to change strategies?

3133d ago
caladbolg7773133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Drop hard numbers and claim your sources, otherwise you're just blowing smoke out your anus. Prove that the PS3 is not outselling the 360 by about 1 million units a year (and I do mean per year, don't cherry-pick one month's sales from 2007), and I will apologize to you and return your bubble.

dragonelite3133d ago

yeah yeah whatever but you can't use VGchartz their numbers are a dice game. You can come you are forgetting that the last 2 gen sony was a household name for consoles. Sony lost big ass marketshare this gen microsoft&nintendo gained big ass marketshare compared to last 2 gens.

Still people must fucked up in the head wanting to see those companies go out the gaming biz. Really grow up or educate yourself.

More competition is win for us gamers if there wasn't a 360 this gen the ps 3 would still cost $600 because its the only hd system on the market.

morkendo233133d ago

do this mean 360 will use DVD9 for next 10-15 years? HOLDING back dev. from full BLU-RAY experience. so the DLC fiasco will CONTINUE on 360
while ps3 have full coverage game 10-15 years and more.

NewZealander3133d ago

im about ready for the next gen of consoles, its pretty clear they are nearly maxed out, we aren't going to see much that pushes the hardware now, so bring on something new!

i guess we have to put up with kinect and move games from here on out.

jessupj3133d ago

Speak for yourself. The 360 is clearly maxed out. There's just no way it can last past 2012 for the hardcore. Surely even the most rabid 360 fanboys will eventually jump ship when ms doesn't give them a single AAA title in months.

PS3 on the other hand is only just starting to stretch it's legs.

avengers19783133d ago

Years away like announced next year, released the year after.

JsonHenry3133d ago

Both companies do not want to release a new product to market during a world wide financial recession.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3133d ago

"years away from contemplating what comes next"

Re-read this part Xwow. Oh you'll be waiting alright.

ABizzel13133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Well, 2012 release confirmed.

MadMan003132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )


LMFAO, did you REALLY just bring up that Sony has other things to make money from and not even mention MS? MS makes more money then Sony can even dream of, Sony knows it them selves. Member when they said they don't have money to throw around like MS does?

PS3 wasn't making much money at all at first ( Sony openly admitted this )
360 was making all the Money at first ( Common Sense )

Now it's the other way around PS3 is catching up now ( not like right now but within' the last year or so ) And Ps3 is some what winning it all depends on how you look at it System selling yes, game selling no...Sales RUN a company not if the buyers like a game, lol...Gotta look at that fact.

I expect MS to make a new console before PS3 after all it is more superior ( the ps3 )

This is coming from someone who prefers 360 over ps3 ( only because more RPGs to my taste )

Now please, if your gonna "try" and drop your fanboism all over people at least do it correctly.

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Omega43133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Xbox 720 will be announced in 2012 for 2013 release.

Kinect will ensure the 360 lasts 10 years.

@the two below
Laugh all you want cause you will just end up looking silly when I'm right

Reasoning? Its common sense really. MS won't announce a new console next year cause Kinect would have just been released at it would alienate all the new owners so 2012 will be the earliest.

Why o why3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )


i mean kinect is the 360's product extension true but you're assuming it will be a success. Selling two million on release day is a commercial success but as a gaming tool it may be the total opposite....time will tell



Chris3993133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

Other than your ability to regurgitate every piece of marketing hyperbole that you hear? Companies talk a lot of $hit. Greenburg said that FFXIII would outsell the PS3 version in America. Sony had a few choice comments (from crazy Ken, mostly) about people taking out second jobs to afford a PS3. Nintendo has said some deliciously contrary statements about their dedication to the "core". Point is, companies say a lot of things, most of which are geared toward getting your $.

Have you been paying attention to technology and trends at all? People are assuming that the 720/ PS4 are going to be these powerhouse machines, when they could really just be incremental changes. Nintendo taught everyone that you can make a sizable dent in the market with less impressive tech. If you think that Sony and MS are going to jump into the ring next time with bleeding edge tech, you're mistaken.

I expect new consoles sooner, rather than later.

Edit: @omega. You're assuming that Kinect will be a sustained, commercial success. What if it isn't? And I'm talking about continued sales beyond the holiday push.

A hearty LOL at "alienating" the MS consumer. This is a company with more hardware configurations, optional pieces and purchasable extras than the other two console makers; probably even more than ANY console ever, period. They don't give a hoot about fracturing the consumer base. In fact, it's almost as if their business model is driven by that methodology. That should be patently obvious.

imvix3133d ago

If they put out completely new hardware, we almost say bye bye to backward compatibility.

Chris3993133d ago

I don't think that it will be "new" at all. Bleeding edge tech is too expensive. It'll be an upgraded PS3/ 360/ Wii. There is this misconception that companies will stick to some long console cycle because it benefits the consumer, when in reality, none of these companies really give a crap about our needs (sure, some hide this fact better and offer more friendly products).

If it is advantageous to release a new console next year or early 2012, you can bet your as$ that any of the three will do it.

Persistantthug3133d ago (Edited 3133d ago )

If people's purse-strings are closed and on a budget, then so is it for most companies.

There's no reason for new systems to come out before 2012-2013, because even so, the advances would be marginal.

What? You think Microsoft is gonna release a new systems to LOSE money all over again in a world FINANCIAL CRISIS just to do HD? Really?

And then, why would Sony?

No offense, but a Nerd(s) desire and want for new tech and such, is not gonna superceed reality....not mine, not yours, and not anyone on N4G....that's just being real about it.

Chris3993132d ago

If you had read my posts, you'd note that I stated they would be more of a "refresh" than a new "generation", sort of like what Nintendo did with the Wii.

That itself is much cheaper than building a brand new architecture. Just add some RAM and a new graphics chip and you're good to go. Plus, it gives full to partial backwards compatibility.

The biggest advantage of course, would also be with who gets to go first. People's purse strings are not nearly as tight as you seem to think that they are, and most economists are of the opinion that the recession is over. Consumers are buying again, Ipads, phones, Justin Bieber tickets, whatever. So yeah, a new console in 1 to 1.5 more years of economic recovery isn't implausible at all.

Persistantthug3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Why would they release a "revised" console that is only marginally better than what they have now?

You think Microsoft is going to want to release hardware only for it to be severely underpowered quickly, and then look old and feeble next to its competitors? Doing what you're suggesting still would cost ALOT of money, and still would be a marginal upgrade. Makes no sense.....especially not for Sony, because that's not what they do.

All Sony Consoles have been 10 times the power of before....I've seen no evidence of that changing.

(PS1 33mhz....PS2 300mhz....PS3 3.2Ghz)

Chris3993132d ago

That aside, technology is hitting a bit of a glass ceiling when it comes to the consumer end of things, graphics can only get so shiny.

I really believe that the next generation of consoles will not be such a quantum leap over their predecessors as they have been before. And I didn't suggest that Sony 'would' be first, I was just talking in vagaries, of what "could" happen. My personal thoughts: Nintendo > MS > Sony, in that order, for releasing new hardware.

I DO think that this gen has made the manufacturers far more prudent than before. They will be much more cautious about incurring 3-5 billion dollar losses at the expense of bleeding edge tech. Even more so, when you consider that not only is the playing field larger, but more competitive than ever before.

Anyhoo, that's my take. Peace.

Persistantthug3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Sony's entire electronics business is about bringing out the next latest and greatest "tech thing"'s simply what they do, have always done, and 10 years from now, they will still be doing that.

The ceiling you're talking about, I believe is true, it's also part of the reason why this gen. will probably go on for a bit longer than before (A year or 2). But no other significant changes will be made for Sony.

They'll still have a PS4 (or whatever it will be called) that will be approx equiv. to 10 cell processors and approx 8Gigs of ram.

That's simply Sony's way of doing business.

I estimate about 2013...possibly 2014, but the later is a bit long...but still possible.

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RememberThe3573133d ago

Come on guys, at least he's optimistic.

3132d ago
btk3132d ago

Disk Formats - DVD < BR
Motion controller - Kinect < Move

Maybe you would like to have a DVD player and defective camera for the next 5 years - but the rest of us sure won't be happy with it.

Kinect will most likely kill the XB360, not increase its ligespan.

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Chris3993133d ago

Sony or MS could easily release a souped up version of their current hardware. A Xenon or Cell with added cache, maybe an extra thread or core, more RAM and a mid range (current) GPU. Graphics technology has hit a bit of a ceiling, so we won't be seeing too many gains in that department on any platform. Yes, PC games, always "look" better, but the output on HD consoles looks pretty good too. Especially when you consider that these machines are $150-$300 proprietary hardware that is 4-5 years old.

I've already said this, but if MS was smart, they'd release a closed-system, Xbox branded, entertainment center ready PC next gen and just call it a "console". If you had a "console" with PC AND disc-based gaming, that would be pretty incredible. It would also give them a foothold in the two sectors - PC and console - seeing as they've fumbled the ball a bit when it comes to Games for Windows.

Technology is headed toward a convergence anyhow. I believe that the next generation of consoles from Sony and MS will be similar to what I described above. Basically "branded" multi-media PCs with fixed hardware, closed-systems and fancy boxes. Nintendo, you never know, you can always count on them for something random :)

MrMccormo3133d ago

Y'know, I think we'd see someone else (Google, Sony, Apple, etc) do the first solid "convergence" console and then Microsoft would attempt it several years afterward.

However, your post was really well written and insightful. Bubs+

hiredhelp3132d ago

not cashe.they need is eaither a added core. or memory.

btk3129d ago

They tried that one before - the original XBox. Had to can it because the cost is too high. When you make tens of millions of the same device then it makes sense to build it specifically for that application. And why have a CPU that will never use 50% of its features in a console. Pushes the transistor budget up, meaning die size, power consumption, cooling components costs etc etc.

Consoles tend to be on the bleeding edge tech, with closed tightly integrated components to allow max performance from the machine.

JohnApocalypse3133d ago

That's good. I don't think anyone is ready for the next gen