US Playstation Magazine rates Lair 5.0; Warhawk 6.5

German gaming webstite Gamefront has posted an image of the latest Playstation Magazine issue, in which both Lair and Warhawk have been reviewed. Both games will be in stores at around August/September but Playstation Magazine does not seem very happy with both games, as the magazine rates Warhawk 6.5, and Lair even lower: 5.0.

In the image of the magazine, you can see that Lair is described as: "A one-trick dragon" and destroys it with a 5.0 rating. Warhawk on the other hand is described as: "A third-person shooter that never quite gets off the ground", and rates the game with only a 6.5. The image can been see below.

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RadientFlux4443d ago

wow wasn't expecting the 5.0 this thread isn't going to end well

Lair is still a rental for me, graphics are just too good not to check them out on my LCD TV

chasegamez4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

paid off by microsoft
i played the beta
this game is good sh!t the most fun
you might have this year

ReconHope4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

God forbid a game doesn't live up to its hype...grow up people happens on "all systems" cant have them all. The PS3 has got plenty more exclusives coming. That doesn't change the fact that we will be seeing xbox fanboys here trolling the "ps3 section" anyway. lol

ALI-G4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

BS3 owner .especially if you are [email protected]@ closed minded fanboy own only BS3

tplarkin74443d ago

"Trolling" the PS3 section? The news is posted on the top page. But I agree with the fact that hyped games can be letdowns. But the PS3 really needs good games, desperately.

ReconHope4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

wow! case closed... no wonder you have one bubble. The ps3 has great games now. Desperate for games is an exaggeration. I dont see that many AAA games for the wii or 360 so your pretty biased when you say that.

JsonHenry4443d ago

Sad news for me. I was actually looking forward to both of these titles. I am still going to rent them and try it for myself. A game does not have to be perfect for me to still enjoy it.

Oh well, good thing I own an Xbox 360 and a top notch PC. Cause Command and Conquer 3 on my PC as well as Bioshock will keep me entertained for a while. ;)

Also, cant wait to play the demo of two worlds!

MikeGdaGod4443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

i know nothing about Lair so whatever......BUT

Warhawk is one of the best games to come out this year on any system.......PERIOD

after playing it for weeks, no one can tell me different...NO ONE

edit: how can people that never played Warhawk disagree? luckily for you, i don't give a sh!t :)

closedxxx4443d ago

For all of the SONY fanatics that kept posting "JUST WAIT!!! JUST WAIT!!!! LAIR, WARHAWK, MGS4, BARBIE'S HORSE FARM!!!"

The KEN KUTARAGI4443d ago


Hahahaha.... And some people were heralding at least one of these titles as "THE NEXT BIG THING" for SONY...

If that's true... SONY is F*CKED IN THE A$$!!!

Mk Red4443d ago

SONY is no longer a threat!! LOL

It looks like "AAA" title has a new meaning for sony



Kaze884443d ago

Archaic and bill gate5 are you two like 8 year olds? Seriously, phatetic! One bad review and your screaming and jumping like a marathon winner.
Ill be waiting for more reliable reviews from other magazines and test the demos before judging.

Btw Heavenly sword is an AAA title and it had 100/100 in play magazine ;D

witchking4443d ago

Have you seen how many games get a 85 or more in Play? That magazine's average rating must be close to 85.

larry0074443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

here is the proof


PSM intentionally gave LAIR and WARHAWK bad scores

blackmagic4443d ago

Yeah cause giving bad scores to Lair and Warhawk are going to sell tons of PSM magazines and totally skyrocket his career.

What a moron.

It's unfortunate that the games aren't doing well with reviewers... atleast Heavenly Sword looks to be a great upcoming title.

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Maddens Raiders4443d ago

what a great start to the day! =]

I'm taking my PS3's, games, and peripherals back to the store right now. PSYCHE!!!!!!

Keyser4443d ago

Yeah, exactly. I don't put much stock into these reviews. I'll buy them and if they're right then I admit it but they are looking at something that I'm not and I haven't heard any justification for the reviews except

"I don't like dragons"
"It should have MP"
"It should have single player"

That's just not enough for me.

Loudninja4443d ago

To tell you the truth its odd/

Red4443d ago

very refreshing. That shows they're not biased. So when they give a great review of a PS3 game, it can be trusted.

SuperSaiyan44443d ago

I really do hate the triggers on the PS3 pad, they need to fix that and add rumble...Just thought i let others know its just not the games that are [email protected] on the PS3.

Madmax12819804443d ago

I totally agree about the triggers on the sixaxis there too flat and that makes it hard to press for long periods of time specially while playing racing games once my fingers get a bit sweatty they start slipping off. they should have curved them like the 360 triggers and for rumble that would be better too i played the 360 and ps3 ver of colin mcrae dirt and its better with rumble.

CG4443d ago

Games that are considered triple A for ps3 are the equivillant to a mediocre game for the 360.

360 triple A games = scores of 9s and 10s
PS3 triple A games = scores 6s and 7s

Its now obvious that the 360 gamers has far higher standards than the ps3 gamers lol.

aaquib24443d ago

It means that reviewers EXPECT more from PS3 than they do on 360. Lower scores mean that reviewers want the developers to utilize all the power in PS3 not found in the XBOX like Bluray, CELL, RSX.

Go ask anyone who doesn't work for Microsoft, PS3 is more powerful. NUFF SAID.

darkequitus4443d ago

A good game is a good game. so end your s*it that PS3 game are not getting good review because the full power of the machine is not being used. So calling all car and geometry war are crap then?

ParaDise_LosT4443d ago

I was gonna take you seriously...
but when you included the 'RSX' in Ps3s advantages...
I lost all respect for your post...

Madmax12819804443d ago (Edited 4443d ago )

@aaquib2 get real the rsx is old about 2 years in fact and only has 256mb of mem the 360 gpu is new and has 512mb mem the ps3 only has 1 advantage over the 360 and thats blu ray.

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