Folklore demo coming today?

According to the UK Playstation site: From August 21 to August 31, 2007, visit Playstation Store with your PS3 to download an exclusive demo and experience the innovative gameplay of Folklore for yourself.

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clm0015220d ago

16:26 GMT - nothing yet!

arcadegoal5220d ago

i played the jap version of the demo its quite good,this is a limited edition demo douse that mean like it says its only availibel for a short time or is thier some kind of extra content????? download later when bioshock finishies downloading 9 hours and still only 38 percent compleat dam...

Vip3r5220d ago

9 hours and only 38%? lol mine downloaded in about 20mins.

I'm sure it's tomorrow that the demo will be released.

Hades13375220d ago

The EU Store will certainly be bolstered with the addition of Folklore, but why only have it available for a limited time? Does this mean that come August 31st u wont be able to play the demo anymore, regardless of whether u have downloaded it or not?? I remember it happening with some XBL demos...

Oh well, at least I will be able to decide whether I actually want this game or not!