Top 10: Iconic Console Games Ever

For the endless number of video games that come and go, there are those that stand out above the rest. There are those games that leave players with an experience much greater than just hours of button-mashing. There are those games that leave us with settings, story lines and characters that become altogether larger than life and become icons in their own right. They generate sequels and create dynasties that last through multiple generations of consoles and players.

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Rrobba3134d ago

Good list...but left out some important titles.

frjoethesecond3134d ago

Switch doom 3 with halo (cos halo was THE main game that matured console shooters) and MW2 for cod 4 (cod 4 raised the bar for shooters this gen).

Also ff6 or 7 should be on this list. Otherwise decent list

All IMO of course.

Pandamobile3133d ago

Wtf is Doom 3 doing in there?

The Xbox version was absolutely terrible.