[email protected] for PS3 to update to Version 1.2

[email protected] for PLAYSTATION®3 Version 1.2 is now available..


> 1. Support for Remote Play for PSP (PlayStation®Portable)
> 2. Visibility of Donor Locations on the Globe
> 3. Support for Additional Protein Simulations
> 4. Advanced Participation Mode
> 5. Screensaver Mode
> 6. Link to Project Description

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Kleptic4079d ago


just turned over 110 work units last night...I only have been folding over night now, since we finally got a clip of new games last month...still though, there were times when I would leave that thing on folding for like 4 days straight...

VaeVictus4079d ago

Holy Crap dude. I thought I was doing well @ 22 WU's.

Keyser4079d ago

Dude, I have 230 work units complete.

I get busy at work and go lift afterward so I don't get to my PS3 till late then it's time for bed before work. Busy life but at least somebodies benefiting from my PS3 neglect.

I'll make more time for Warhawk come Tuesday.

Kleptic4079d ago

wow 230!...I didn't even know what the [email protected] app was until late May (it came with the 1.30 update I thought, which was like march)...I remember I downloaded it the day I signed up for the warhawk beta, like the 17th I think...

I haven't been running it as much now, because I have some networking problems at my house...the wifi hotspot needs a booster or relocated, so I haven't been online much this month...but all that will be fixed in time for Warhawk next week...thats for sure...

achira4079d ago

what is the screensaver mode ?

tethered4079d ago

Click the link it explains everything.

Here is what it says:
A screensaver mode can now be activated via the Settings menu. After no controller input has been detected for three (3) minutes, the screen will go blank except for a logo that periodically moves to avoid screen burn-in. Any controller input will exit the screensaver mode.

This feature allows your PS3™ system to consume slightly less power and to increase performance of protein-folding simulations.

madness4079d ago

read the article man. read.

chasegamez4079d ago

please explain in english

jromao4079d ago

[email protected] is one project from Stanford University where each PS3 owner helps to fold/process proteins simulation hoping that will bring good help in finding solutions for cancer.

Karebear4079d ago

I can finally leave my ps3 in remote play when I'm not at home and still fold :D

snakeak4079d ago

Yeah, that alone is awesome. Since my PS3 is folding constantly, I'll always have access from my PSP. Kickass :D

sajj3164079d ago

Like these. Kuddos to Sony for allowing this initiative on the PS3. What's the longest someone has left their PS3 on for folding? I'm slightly cautious about leaving things on overnight but I also want to contribute more.

hongthay4079d ago

I left mine on doing folding for 23 days straight when I had to make a long business trip. No problems with the PS3. The good thing is, it will shut down automatically if it starts to overheat. Of course it didn't, because when I came back home, it was still folding.

Kleptic4079d ago


didn't SU test a group of PS3's for like 5 weeks straight before releasing the is on their website...I thought it was like 5 weeks straight with not one of the 50 PS3's showing any signs of they "stopped the test"...

knock on wood though...

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The story is too old to be commented.