Warhawk: Confirmed PSN & Retail Release Dates

Threespeech have now confirmed the EU release date as the previously suggested dates of the 28th August for PSN and 21st September for Bluray.

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Meus Renaissance5218d ago (Edited 5218d ago )

For a game that is based on ranking your progress on an International platform, delaying the European version *beit on disc* by almost 4 weeks is almost insulting.

I remember entering the Beta late on, and the skills of the players far exceeded mine so Warhawk really is a game that needs you to practice alot. This is simply unfair and further indicates the lacklustre abilities of SCEE.

The delays of most PlayStation 3 titles is frustrating enough, but to swallow that we Europeans must wait a further 4 weeks on top of those delays is very depressing. We get treated like 3rd class customers. Americans here complain about the lack of content on their PlayStation Store - well that store is paradise in comparison to ours. We get trailers of movies I've never heard of, let alone interested in - and that's pretty much it!

I'm not happy at all.

monkey6025218d ago

Agreed. This is crap. I'm sick of getting every game after everyone else. I wouldnt mind but the PS3's biggest fanbase is in europe too

mikeslemonade5218d ago

Is this the European date only? If it's U.S. also, then for sure im getting the downloadable version because there's noway im waiting that long.

rev205218d ago

Will be downloading that in a week's time screw waiting for it on disc just for a headset, which you can pick up cheap anyway

solidt125218d ago

Im getting the blu-ray disc even though i have headset because i want a hard copy of the game.

Morratut5218d ago

I'll be getting the PSN version. The disc version is way too close to Halo 3 for me. £19.99 is great for at least a months worth of entertainment.

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The story is too old to be commented.