Silent Hill Demo Stolen From Leipzig

A demo of Silent Hill: Origins, the fifth instalment in the Silent Hill series, has been stolen from Leipzig and is now available to download online. However, the game will only be playable for those with homebrew-ready PSP's. The game is currently been developed and Climax Studios, and shares a gameplay style similar to what was seen in Silent Hill 4: The Room. It currently has a planned release date of November 6th in North America, and a earlier October 26th date in Europe.

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Bnet3434168d ago

it's the most seeded on torrent sites

ENNO4168d ago

Im downloading mine now!!!

LeonSKennedy4Life4167d ago

I gave my PSP to gamestop for more money towards my Slim PSP.

Please tell me if the demo's good! I need to know!!!

darkvenom4167d ago

do you get the game on the PSP?,please someone show me the steps on how to do it,i recently bought the PSP.any help would be appreciated.