Skate demo is now available on Xbox Live, PS3 demo coming soon

After being held up for six days, EA's Skate demo has finally arrived on Xbox live, begging to be downloaded and obsessed over. Joystiq is just a tad bit obsessed with it themselves, going as far as calling it "a spiritual experience." Will you reach gaming nirvana as well? Not unless you can achieve that state within thirty minutes of this timed demo.

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BrotherSic4077d ago

been downloading for 2 hours and still not finished :(

Lakuspakus4077d ago

Ea have actually made a REALLY good gae. Believe it or not!

Bnet3434077d ago

Tony Hawk has gotten old and it's the same crap all over. Skate is nice and refreshing.

alexander22rednaxela4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Tony Hawk VS Skate
Activision VS EA
EA wants to be the king of sports games across all sports, EA stated by the way that it was not out of their realm to make their own console. Mabe they prioritize 360 because they are manufacturing a future console together with MS, I recomend we read their comments and mabe we will see a red line going thru their statements.

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The story is too old to be commented.