Diehard GameFAN: Batman: The Brave and the Bold Review

DHGF: Batman: The Brave and the Bold is not only the best platformer I’ve played this year, but it’s also a solid contender for the best Wii game of the year as well. It’s witty, it’s funny, it’s got an amazing amount of fan service, it holds up amazingly well when compared to the TV show, and best of all, it’s amazingly fun to play. It’s a totally different beast from Batman: Arkham Asylum, so there is no point in comparing the two. Batman fans should just be happy that for the first time in the history of gaming, we have had two back to back exceptional games starring the Caped Crusader. This is a definite must have for any Wii owner, and this is coming from someone who usually hates the platforming genre.

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