No rewards for GAME's digital download customers

In the last month, GAME has launched a digital distribution service on its site. The GAME Downloader is still in beta, which is fine. The service is actually being run by Games Planet, who are in turn owned by Metaboli, which is fine. GAME entering the digital distribution service for PC games in fact makes good commercial sense considering the problems with physical game sales in terms of profit returns.

However, what isn’t fine – and quite frankly – does not make much sense is that GAME’s download service does not offer Reward Card points to users.

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dangert123137d ago

Well its in the beta what you do is refuse to buy the games and make noise,they may then sort it

milliways3137d ago

That's pretty much what I plan to do.

Karum3137d ago

If they had the reward point system I'd probably use it for my PC games.

Right now though it's Steam FTW

Apollyn3137d ago

if they compete with steam prices and service ill use them for now Steam baby

3137d ago