Pokemon Black/White Sells 2.63 Million in 2 days in Japan

Sales of Pokemon Black/White are very good as the game has sold 2.63 Million in 2 days alone in Japan.

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TotalPS3Fanboy3928d ago

and that they must Westernize in order to survive.

darthdevidem013928d ago


Well this Pokemon has been modernized though.

HeroXIV3928d ago

Modernized doesn't mean westernized.

darthdevidem013928d ago

well duh, I didn't say it did.

Natsu X FairyTail3928d ago

What does the Japanese Gaming industry falling off have to do with Sales?

A game might suck balls but still sell hundreds Tons of copies.

Nihilism3928d ago

Yep just look at all S.E's 15 year old PS1 to DS ports, they add some miniscule changes to the U.I and run it at hald the resolution of the original game, and charge $50 for it...

People lap it up. Don't get me wrong, I love pokemon, but Japanese people buy anything that's Japanese...

Has Famitsu ever given a Japanese game less than 40/40?

helghast1023928d ago

Well considering BW was only the 15th game to get a perfect score from Famitsu you are completely off the mark.

lelo2play3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

Just proves one thing... Japanese have very poor taste in games.

slimy the g8ter3928d ago

your comment proves that you are a pokemon hater

Jack-Pyro3928d ago

It also proves that his childhood was dark and depressing....

ABizzel13928d ago

First off this is a DS game and there over 30 million DS sold in Japan alone, and Pokemon is one of the few titles that sell like this in Japan.

Japan has not truly adopted any of the consoles which is where the whole Japanese Gaming Industry is dying is coming from. Almost 5 years have passed since the launch of the first console this gen and so far a total of 17 million consoles have been sold in Japan between all 3 companies.


Compared to North America's 75 million

and Europe's 62 million

And I understand Japan is just 1 country, but just last gen Japan was surpassed Europe in total sales for consoles. I guess if it's not portable then Japan doesn't want it.

But we all knew Pokemon was going to sell like crazy, I bet 3.5 million for the week.

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Calm Down Sunshine3928d ago

It's out already?

Jesus... When's the European release?

ABizzel13928d ago

Probably March like always with Nintendo

Optical_Matrix3928d ago (Edited 3928d ago )

I contributed to one of those. (Well two as I picked up a copy for my friend). Pre-ordered my copy of Pokemon White at the Pokemon Center in Hamamtsuchou and picked it up on release day. Had to go in the evening as I was at TGS during the day, and even then the Pokemon Center was packed out with people qeueing to collect their pre-orders. Nintendo just make so much money in Japan.

During the week, before the saturday the game released, most people I saw on trains etc were playing PSP. On saturday and sunday that changed and I saw sooooo many DS players..all playing Pokemon. I like that in some respect. Japanese gamers are really dedicated and I can see why certain games like DQ, Pokemon etc always sell so well over there.

On a side note, I'm loving the game. I have a feeling this will be the best one since Gold and Silver version easily and I've only got 2 gym badges haha

darthdevidem013928d ago

OMG your comment about it being the best since gold/silver makes me HYPED!

Optical_Matrix3928d ago

The reason I say this is mainly because it feels so fresh compared to Diamond/Pearl and Ruby/Sapphire. The fact that I'm not seeing any old Pokemon, the huge scale (for Pokemon) of the cities, the greater emphasis on story, the C Gear, and small changes that aren't THAT important but I like them such as:
- When a Pokemon falls asleep, their eyes actually close and they breathe slowly.
- Pokemon animations seem much more lively and unique.
- The music is brilliant.

jay23928d ago

Oh dear, oh dear it seems Halo reach is going to be smashed in terms of sails......

Optical_Matrix3928d ago

Pokemon generally does destroy Halo sales wise anyway. Red/Blue/Yellow collectively sold about 45 million. Gold/Silver/Crystal collectively sold 28 million, Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald collectively sold about 21 million, Diamond/Pearl/Platinum collectively sold around 24 million..check vgchartz to people who say I'm bullshitting.

GrilledCheeseBook3928d ago

only game that fucks with pokemon are super mario in terms of sales

Brklynty13928d ago

Had no idea it released in Jp on sunday wow pokemon still going strong i really dont think pokemon can die anytime soon.

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