Tim Willits: PC Is Still Best For FPS Control

Eurogamer: "id Software's Tim Willits has refuted Microsoft's claim that the first-person shooter genre is in its death throes on the PC."

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DoomeDx3132d ago

There is no 'core in the industry'

PC started gaming,
Xbox360 expanded it,
and the PS3 perfected it!

(Not saying the PC sucks! All the multi-plat games i have, are on PC!)

bjornbear3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

Kudo just shot himself in the foot (and MS) by saying such an idiotic statement.

Half life, counter strike, crysis, and basically EVERY OTHER FPS EVER (excluding the FEW console exclusives) (including Halo: CE, i played mine on my MAC) is VASTLY SUPERIOR ON PC.

and also very played.

if that wasn't the case, Half Life, Portal, crysis and unreal tournament/ and any ID game wouldn't be as big as it is today

DoomeDx3132d ago

Aww man dont remind me of Halo:CE..
Had great times with that game..modding the crap out of it!
changing skins, changing textures..

you were still able to play in normal public games with modded particle effects, skins, textures, sounds etc.

games nowadays dont have that anymore (crap like punkbuster/VAC block everything that has been modified!)

damn you cheaters!

skip2mylou3132d ago

u can still do that in l4d i thought

hay3132d ago

Yeah, like gaming started this generation.

madpuppy3132d ago

I knew that was going to happen and I was wondering if it was going to be Id or valve that was going to rebut the statement by Kudo S.

Pandamobile3131d ago

VAC doesn't ban you for modding your game...

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Substance1013132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

PS3 didnt perfect FPS, RTS or the MMO genre those are still best on PC.

Yes it does have a few nice exclusives, other platforms do too. PC is still the ultimate gaming platform IMO.

theEx1Le3132d ago

I have to agree, when consoles can do all these genres without the game being gimped to make it work give me a call.

nickjkl3132d ago

by gimped you mean what

Nihilism3131d ago

Every game designed to be linear because of system resources.

720p ( I was running 1600x1200 in 2003 )
30 frames with dips into the 20's with massive screen tearing, pop in, poor texture streaming, low numbers of enemy units and lagging unresponsive gamepad controls, peer to peer match making services, 8hr campaign standard and DLC

That about covers 'gimped'.

comp_ali3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

'core' is wider than that. Every game is coded and designed using PCs. The console itself is basically a custom prebuild computer. X360 has three cores cpu and an ATi graphics X1900 or something while PS3 has IBM cell cpu (8SPU) and nvidia 7800gtx graphics plus ram on both consoles. You see.
Another thing , most features consoles have today started on PC : multplayer features.
3.keyboard and mouse support.
4.HD output.
5.USB ports.
6.Network connection via Ethernet or Wifi.

imvix3132d ago

[email protected] wesley

PC is the longest running gaming platform out there. There yet isnt a console which can match:

Backward compatibility of a PC (consoles can only think of dreaming of it in a dream).

Game mods

Performance- even a mid range PC of today out performs consoles multiple times.

Cheaper prices- Every game bought is cheaper, and is almost gauranteed to be working next decade or two.

PS3 has only been around for what? 3.5years, lol it will be dead in few years more... guess what PC will still be trucking along.

mastiffchild3132d ago

In fairness you7 wouldn't want to be using a five or six year old rig to game seriously on would you? Saying "PC will still be trucking along" is disingenuous and you know it. You aren't using an Amiga, are you? That was my PC once you know? Also, backwards compatibility is patchy on PC. Some of my old games will run and some won't and I'm not the biggest fan of emulation even though it's still a good way to catch up onn past classics-still prefer playing Megadrive games on a megadrive for example.

What we need to do is drop all the "My platform's the one!" BS and embrace each other as brother gamers whatever we game on whether it's an iPad, a Snes, a DS, PS3, 360, Wii, PC or a ZX81. Games are games and gamers and gamers and the sooner we drop the BS divisions and accept that the sooner we can stop the likes of Kotick easily using divide and rule to push through greedy and unnecessary measures to fleece our pockets while cutting every conceivable corner in quality and testing and in features-like why on earth isn't COD on dedicated servers on EVERY platform? Instead of asking that when the PC got it's taken away console gamers laughed and look where we are now.

ipe3132d ago

u re using pentium for gaming, re u?

imvix3132d ago


You do realise even a console is outdated after 6-7 years life and needs replacement. In current gen cases consoles often fail and need replacement after 3-4years or the are replaced with slim designs.

I recently had a friend upgrade his old dualcore pc pentium 930d, all he did was replace the gpu. Added in a 4850 it now runs games like bc2 in 1080p, its some thing even current gen consoles fail todo.

3-4 years down the line he may decide to get a new rig at which point he probably still be able to play bc2. No gaurantees of that happening on the next console.

Nihilism3131d ago

"In fairness you7 wouldn't want to be using a five or six year old rig to game"

You act like having a choice is a bad thing. Yes it is preferable to game on a new PC. But if PS3 games had 'settings' and you could run them on PS2, I guarantee that PS3 would have sold 1/3rd as many.

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Mr Tretton3131d ago

wesley, did you really just say 'PC started gaming?' Really?

hoops3131d ago

Never perfected it because all PS3 games like the Xbox360 run at 720p or lower. Use last generation AA techniques. Does not support tessellation. Every game on a console and I mean evry single game uses a hybrid of low resolution textures because its stuck with 512 megs of memory.
ALL FPS games run at 30FPS and at 720p or lower. Some exceptions. Screen tearing for many intense games.
Consoles use LOW FP HDR and limited use of soft shadow effects and Real time shadow effects.
System restraints is the reason.
So how again has the PS3 PERFECTED gaming when it cannot even rise above the fidelity level with advanced effects a PC did in 2003?

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dangert123132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I don't game on pc as i have a crap one and a small monitor plus no money at present to make it relivent for gaming to a degree i like but i do accept pc gaming run things you only have to look at steam and its prices bundles etc does pc ever get a poor port ;) oh and awsd is awkward at present(for me atleast)

@wesley pc never started gaming
xbox expanded the online demand in gaming
Sony- there doing as they always did quality hardware backing it with quality software

oh ok =')

DoomeDx3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

I didnt mean it that way!
I meant that the PC started with FPS games, and online multiplay.
xbox expanded multiplay,
and PS3 perfected everything (Online play, graphics, games etc)

(Mind you, i have all 3 systems.
I can prove if you guys want.)

DelbertGrady3132d ago

In what way has the PS3 perfected online play and games?

Currently Xbox Live is much more solid and has more features than PSN. It has lots more active players and most of which use mics.

And also there is no online game on the PS3 that can match the scale, stats sharing, balancing, amount of online modes and features, and pure gameplay of Halo: Reach.

It sounds to me that you are just very much in love with the Sony brand.

mastiffchild3132d ago

Live is NO more solid than PSN and , to me, the features it has are fluff I neither want nor need. The only real thing Live has over PSN is that everyone talks in game but that's getting better as time goes on too. Had MS invested in getting devs to use something good like dedicated servers then it would go a little way to making me want to subscribe again and to see more games on PSN using dedicateds is a bit sad when Gears2 was boned by using P2P.

hesido3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

"Minitor" already means "small monitor", you don't need to say "small minitor"..

Oh btw, like dangert says, pc's didn't start gaming. There was Atari, SNES, Gameboy, Commodore 64, Amiga much before PC had anything worth playing. Beginning with wolfenstein and doom, PC gaming started flourishing.

Edit: Oh, wesley you clarified before I managed to post this..

DoomeDx3132d ago

Read my comment above you!
Thats exacly what i meant

Letros3132d ago (Edited 3132d ago )

What the hell are you spewing? PC INVENTED gaming 60 some years ago.

oldjadedgamer3132d ago

I was online gaming with FPS on pc years before consoles became big online. Tribes is still probably my favorite shooter.

you can say 360 (halo 2) may have brought online console gaming to the mainstream, but they did not invent not perfect it.

Mastodon3132d ago

Actually he's quite right. Without PC development, Graphic Card makers, or processing advancement there would be no consoles. In the past and in the future developers rely on PCs to push the power higher and higher. If you take out the PC gaming chapter, guess what? Consoles will suddenly start lacking in terms of graphical advancement and processing power. Every time a new console comes out within a matter of months PC hardware surpasses it - this leads to Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony's R&D staff to look into what's the next top of graphics and processing.

Its not a really big secret that PC advances are what move Sony to developing the Cell and lead Micrsoft to expecting their Graphics Card to run faster and smoother than the newest nVidia cards. That's just what we call progress.

If we take away that "core" idea we're left with longer development times and imho, lackluster turn over rates in terms of console hardware.

radphil3132d ago

Yea. Kudo basically showed that he's not really connected towards the industry.

(On a side note who in the world disagreed with what was said?)

i_am_interested3132d ago

tell that x-bro how it is tim

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