Devil's Third In Development- For Wii 2?

Tomonobu Itagaki, former head of Team Ninja, hinted that his upcoming project, Devil's Third, may be bound for the Wii 2.

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dangert123133d ago

Nintendo to be first out the gate? Interesting but it can't be much better then the ps3 if this is the case ? somebody tell me.

so 2012-13 i give nintendo to show there no console
if i ways them i'd slow down building wii's but sell them till warning of over consoles coming out the gate

Seferoth753132d ago

I know nobody could ever make a better processor than the 6 year old one Sony made.... Companies today like AMD and Intell have no clue how to combat it.

Seriously you just got moronic comment of the decade.Grats to you

jay23133d ago

I think Wii will be in the middle of 360/PS3 BUT feature 3D for ALL games, I see it being anounced next year.

matey3133d ago

even some mobile phones in japan have better graphics then ps3 its very cheap now and nintedo have shown interest in FUSION APU by AMD which is 20/30 times the raw power of ps3 so expect an upgrade like what 3ds is to ds 200/300 times more powerful if u think nintendo will not make graphics 1 of the most important features ur silly since ps3 everyone thinks sony have always made powerful hardware its not the case sorry but ps3 is the only time sony have made the most powerful hardware its always been nintendo remember ninitendo were making something less risky to get back in the game and i would say they have done this and ready for the big time now the have billions

Natsu X FairyTail3133d ago

Could be Possible. he did say that the game was coming out somewhere around 2012.

pramath16053133d ago

Nah, I don't think Nintendo will be releasin a Wii 2 for about at least three more years. Though it'd be really great if they did.

Shubhankar3133d ago

I agree. Nintendo don't really need a Wii 2 right now. The Wii is going strong as it is.

Reibooi3133d ago

The Wii WAS going strong. It's since dropped off a crap load. The console itself is selling much less and most devs are starting to move back to the PS3 and 360 because of horrible sales on the Wii.

This could change in the coming months as Nintendo has a bunch of great games coming for the Wii however at this point Nintendo does need to think about their next console as the Wii is clearly starting to fade at this point. They have sold a metric crap ton of them but they have slowed down and they need to keep selling to remain profitable.

Seferoth753132d ago

Poor rebooi still living in that fanboy dream world I see....

Yes Nintendo who constantly sales more than Sony on any given month is in a rush to replace their first place console but Sony who is dead last and still behind the Wii in sales every month is having some kind of rebirth.

I wont bother posting facts cause you obviously cant comprehend them or just out of ignorance ignore them but I have to laugh at you.

I got some friends coming over. Gonna pull your post up and we are all going to laugh at your complete ignorance.

What did Sony ever do for you that has you making yourself look stupid?

Reibooi3132d ago


If anyone here is being a fan boy it's you. A troll as well.

It's common sense what I said is true. The big companies like EA and Activision have already stated publicly far more then once that they are shifting focus back to the PS3 and 360 because of lack of sales on the Wii.

And while the Wii is in first place(by a metric crap load) it's not outselling the others month by month as consistently as it was. It's still going strong but comparatively speaking is NO WHERE CLOSE to what it was doing up until recently.

I also fail to understand how you label me as a fan boy when I readily admit that Wii has a bunch of great games coming whereas a fan boy would never admit anything except games on their console of choice was great.

I seriously suggest you look in the mirror instead of calling me a fanboy.

AwesomeJizz3133d ago

Nintendo is the best company in the world.
If they release a Wii 2 without all the crap and with lots of core games it will be huge.
Just imagine playing Super Mario or Zelda with beautiful graphics!! I might as well kill myself

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The story is too old to be commented.