Resolution: Metroid Other M review

Resolution's Steve K Peacock writes: I hate this game.

I missed out on Metroid back when it was all 8-bit and 16-bit, back before it had any pretensions. Perhaps this has lessened the blow that Other M dealt me. Maybe it made it worse, long time fans being inoculated against the profound ineptitude displayed in this title. This is going to cement my reputation as a reviewer who thinks about plot more than gameplay, but I don’t care. Metroid: Other M has made me angry.

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3139d ago
Invader_Quirk3139d ago

What a pathetic "review". Just another idiot who doesn't know Samus as well as he thinks he does and isn't mature enough to make the distinction between having real emotions and being a "whiny, submissive woman".

kesvalk3139d ago

all the nerdlords are flakking this game because samus isn't his/her terminatrix girlfriend anymore...

it's very sad...

CaptainOlimar3139d ago

This reviewer is not very good at his job!!

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