The most amazing Halo 3 shots yet

Here's a fantastic new batch of Halo 3 single-player and multiplayer screenshots. You'll get your first glimpse at the Brute Gravity Hammer, a brand new multiplayer map (Guardian, a remake of Halo 2's Lockout) and probably the best look at single-player so far (look at the scale). September 26 is only a month away...

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Daxx4077d ago

I'm pretty much going to be playing this game forever. ^_^

ALI-G4077d ago

i am going to play this game even after forever

M1am1U4077d ago

this game keeps looking better and better. I agree with you Daxx, there will be some long hours put into this game. I'm really looking forward to it.

Dareaver14077d ago

i don't get it, if some people aren't even interested in the game, why come to the comments on it and just start disagreeing with every positive comment about the game. That is really childish. I'm starting to wish this site had an age limit. These fanboys are getting to be very irritating. But it is really sad though, and truly pathetic.

Anyway the game looks awesome, people don't realize how good the graphics are and the attention to detail Bungie does. A lot of it is because of the vast color array, but i like that about Halo, it has it's on art style. Everyone wants every game to look the same, and then they scream they want diversity after they get what they cry for. This game is different, and it's going to rock. Plus it's Scifi, why do people try to put real into Scifi, that's why it's Scifi!

I'm trying to beat Halo 1 and 2 on legendary before 3 is released. Maybe Bungie might do something if 3 detects the other halo's game saves, maybe just wishin'.

i Shank u4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

this guarentees my being in the Guiness Book of World Records. "First person to have sex with a videogame" j/k, my girlfriend is hotter. barely

@ Dareaver: lol, i was doing the same as you when my 360 broke, i bet tons of people are replaying the older games. now that my 360's back, ive been practicing halo 2 online. halo 2 legendary, with jackal snipers, was annoying dude, i didnt have the patience for it all

nasim4077d ago

HALO 3 looks like a cartoon wii game.

see the trees in HALO 3

so craptastic

JsonHenry4077d ago

I love my Xbox360 just as much as anyone - but this games Story and Graphics are going to be blown away by the likes of Half Life 2 Orange Box.

I would not be telling the truth if I said I was not looking forward to this game.

Skizelli4076d ago

"i don't get it, if some people aren't even interested in the game, why come to the comments on it and just start disagreeing with every positive comment about the game."

It's in the fanboy handbook... something about a-holes that like to sh!t on everything. I'm going to be having fun with this game, despite what the morons think and say, which is never anything intelligent to begin with. It's a game, not a "who has the biggest wiener" contest.

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BLUR1114077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

the only thing that i think will even hurt this game is not living up to all the hype at the most , but i can tell atleast it will be good and better than the others .hands down

solidt124077d ago

Damn those picture do look better than anything I have seen yet of this Game. They finally nailed it. It looks like a pic from a Star Wars Movie.

Zhuk4077d ago

wow, very impressive progress on the graphics

Bloodmask4077d ago

I especially like the shot of the Elite with the light radiating from the plasma rifle.

That is one thing I noticed about Halo 3. It is really rich with color.

For anyone who is a Halo or Metroid fan this vid is pretty neat...