Sega "sorry" for Yakuza 3 cut content

Sega has discussed why it cut content from Yazuka 3's Western release.

Series producer Masayoshi Kikuchi said that removing mini-games and hostess bars were a "business decision" to make it more appealing to non-Japanese audiences.

"At the time there was an argument with Sega internally that in order to make the game more compatible and appealing to the Western market, we would do better off removing those mini-games that are hard to understand and heavily rooted in Japanese culture," he said.

"We did what we thought would be good for the Western market, but after the game was released we received a lot of feedback from users in the complete opposite direction, asking for complete content.

"Learning from that experience this time, we've tried to include all content in the Japanese version you see in [Yakuza 4].

"It was a big surprise for us. I'm definitely pleased that people wanted to see more, but at the same time, I feel sorry for the fans who were let down by the ...

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Ilikegames763139d ago

make the gamers feel like they have been short-changed. We paid full price for the game and we expect the game to be complete.

TotalPS3Fanboy3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

at least Sega learnt a lesson that they don't have to Westernize by cutting contents. The whole point is that the game in its original form is already appealing enough.

hay3139d ago

That's why I wanted this game... To be rooted in Japanese culture in a Japanese game.
Patch it Sega! I stil haven't bought it cause of that.

Game-ur3139d ago

Forgive them just this one time and get this game, the production values are AAA

Lifendz3139d ago

Glad they get it. Let us decide what features are too Japan-centric. Didn't they realize that if someone was interested in this game to begin with that person was probably interested in all the game's features?

coolfool3139d ago

you said exactly what I was thinking! I actually WANT the Japanese culture. It's one aspect that would make the game feel really unique from western releases.

sikbeta3139d ago

Everything is cool, just don't do it next time :)

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ryuzu3139d ago

The problem is in order to understand those games you have to understand the under lying cultural basis for them.... If you don't, you won't understand the game and just shrug you shoulders and go do some more fighting.

Ideally Sega would put in a nice detailed description so gamers can learn something - but gamers don't want to learn that kind of stuff and Sega probably don't want to explain it.

I imagine there'll be a lot of comments about some pointless and/or incomprehensible minigames in Y4 now.


Redempteur3139d ago

sorry but there wasn't a problem with those games ( in the first two games ) yes they wanted to be more appealling but if they asked all those who asked Y3 to be translated , all of them wanted EVERYTHING !

the only cut i can accept is answer X answer because it's a quiz game very hard and very deep rooted in japanese culture..but the hostess and several ( 10 ) quests ? CUT ? there was no real reason for that cut

AKS3139d ago

I also feel insulted by the removal of content. It's as though they think they are doing me a favor by cutting out optional content because I'd be too confused and bewildered by cultural differences. Do NOT dumb down games you expect me to buy. I was willing to overlook this incident and still bought it this time, but I would have passed on future games had they not addressed this issue. I accept their apology and am pleased to hear they will not do this again. Even so, it's quite bizarre that they thought this given that gamers buying Yakuza games are typically going to be very aware of Japanese culture. Even the name is a Japanese word and the dialogue is in Japanese. WTF were they thinking?!

BTW, kudos to gamers for voicing their opinion about this. I'm pleased that I'm not the only one who felt this way.

SaiyanFury3138d ago

SEGA could technically still patch the game. Only in a recent PS Store update did SEGA even release the DLC that I got when I preordered the game 6-7 months ago. And that DLC was all patches that unlock stuff that was already on the disc. I KNOW the hostess clubs and stuff are on the disc, all they need do is release a patch that unlocks that stuff. Get on it SEGA, if you're really sorry then fix the problem and everyone's happy.

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MGRogue20173139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

That's okay, Sega.

troll3139d ago

Yakuza is an amazing series, so how can we not forgive you SEGA? You keep up the good work and we'll keep filling up your coffers. Just remember that cut content = cut profit.

Cloudberry3139d ago

At least localized it faster.

/: (

LordStig3139d ago

let's hope for a DLC in the future.

StitchJones3139d ago

No they aren't. They planed it the moment they were going to release the game in other territories. This is why Japanese game development is so horrible these days. Western developers have surpassed them in terms of story and content. Sega just cannot seem to get anything right.

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