DmC First Impressions Preview at CheatCC

CheatCC says, "We still have a lot to learn about this game, not the least of which is what Ninja Theory is planning to do with the Dante character. At this point we have next to no details, but the ones we do have are informative and exciting. What we're most perplexed about is why Capcom even chose TGS 2010 as the proper time to announce the game. It's rumored Ninja Theory has only been working on the game since April 2010, a mere six months at the time of this posting. A big project like this could take anywhere between two and three years, meaning it's unlikely we'll even see this game release in 2011, let alone 2010"

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ExplosionSauce3139d ago


Sorry, but I'm still not cool with this.
It's not just the way he looks, but also the vibe he gives off; his appearance, idk...

*I don't think they should be trying to fix something that isn't broken, otherwise they'll end up braking it.